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Insoft 2.0

Post by scottidog »

Forum oldtimers will understand the reference, and the joke. Newbies won't get it and won't know who I am, because I've been AWOL for quite a long time.

My love for Al and TBITB is unchanged, but my life and my obligations in real life have made having time to spend here at WOWAY difficult.

I am about to embark on a huge change in my life that will suck up all my time and attentioin for the foreseeable future. Internet access will be limited to my phone, and who wants to view a forum on a screen the size of a ravioli?

So, I am resigning my position as a moderator of this wonderful community. I have made some real and lifelong friends here. And I've managed to make a few real and lifelong enemies too. The ride has been interesting, but never boring. I thank you for it.

If and when my life resumes something approaching normal, I will come back as a forum member. But I haven't served this community well in the last several months, so it's time to step down.

You'll see me around. Maybe we can go bowling sometime. You know, if I can borrow five bucks.
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