Plumbing Song And Other Topics

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Plumbing Song And Other Topics

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I noticed in your band bio in the archives of the website, you list "The Plumbing Song" as one of your favorite Al tracks you've ever worked on? What particularly makes that one (or any of the others listed) favorites of yours?

Also, I was rereading the last chapter of the Nathan Rabin book and I noticed how it restated the importance of Perform This Way as a lead single to Al's career. Do you think Al will place that much importance on this next album's lead single? Do you think he might be looking to attach it to the next big icon or event in music o pop culture (like he eventually found in Lady Gaga and "Born This Way" respectively) or do you just think he will just be looking for nothing more for a solid song he can work with regardless of who the artist is?

Once again, thank you for opening this forum back up and taking time out to answer our questions again. It really means a lot!

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Re: Plumbing Song And Other Topics

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I will re-check my bio, as the Plumbing Song reference must be quite dated by now! I don't know if it was ever a favorite though, but I was certainly proud of my work on it, it was pretty involved at the time. Obviously, many more songs have come and gone in the 23+ years since we recorded it.

The lead single is always important, I'm not aware that Al has placed any more or less weight on it on a per album basis. Any impact or significance to Al's career can be determined only after its release.


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