Questions & Answers with the one and only Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz, Weird Al's drummer since 1980!

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Hi Jon!
I've always been under the impression that you guys all get along quite well, and also from what I've heard it seems that's the case most of the time.
So of course, it's unlikely that anyone would get along 100 percent of the time...
I'm just curious if you or the members of the band ever have had any "creative differences" of sort, or if there's ever come about a time where some alone time to think became the better option than staying around?

Hope it's not a touchy subject..if it is a bit too personal or you feel it's none of my business, don't feel bad about saying that if you have to. Just curious.

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Re: Differences

Post by bermuda »

We do very little creating on the Al gig, so it's never come up. But when we did the Al's Band songs a few years ago, completely on our own, everything went smoothly.


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