Non-Band Member Musicians

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Non-Band Member Musicians

Post by Kevbo1987 »

I know that many non-band member musicians have contributed to Al's albums. Who has been your favorite non-band member musician to work with? Also, when you've worked on non-Al-related projects, who has been your favorite non-band member musician to work with?

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Re: Non-Band Member Musicians

Post by bermuda »

Hard to say with the Al stuff, I'm usually gone by the time the hired guns come in to do their bits. I missed Dweezil, have never met Monique, and haven't seen Lisa Popeil since 2005! Of course Rick Derringer played most of the guitar on the first album, so I guess he'd qualify as being the coolest name I've worked with.

My other bands really don't have any notables involved, none that would be widely known anyway. But in Americana circles, their names would be familiar - Ray Campi, John Bazz (The Blasters,) Eugene Edwards aka Gene Jaramillo (Dwight Yoakam, Sha Na Na,) Buzz Campbell (lee Rocker, Sha Na Na.) I also like working now and then with the guys from The Rolling Clones, one of the very first Stones tribute bands from 35 years ago (and they're STILL younger than the actual Stones!)


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