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First album

Post by minnick27 »

What are your thoughts on the first album? I know it was recorded quick and cheap, but it just doesnt fit with the rest. The parodies dont really sound like the originals, partly due to the accordion on every song. If given the chance would you be up for redoing it?
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Re: First album

Post by bermuda »

The accordion was the gag, and there was some attention paid to the original sound on three of the five parodies, though obviously not the same level that went into the parodies starting with the next album.

Doing it over? Given how slowly the album sold during a time when MTV actually played our videos, radio played our songs, and people still bought albums... I don't see how it would make financial sense in today's music industry climate.


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Re: First album

Post by mrmeadows »

It might be worth a re-mastered release with the "Jack & Diane" version of "Buckingham Blues" included as a bonus track |) . . .but otherwise I wouldn't change a thing about ALbum #1.

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