TV Favorites

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TV Favorites

Post by TMBJon »

Along the same line as quantumerror's question...

What are some of your favorite TV series to watch?
Also, when you guys are on the tour bus, is there a favorite show or set of shows that you all tend to watch together, or that always tends to be on in the background? What is the band's favorite late night show?

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Re: TV Favorites

Post by bermuda »

At home, I watch all sorts of stuff from news (local and morning shows), to old sitcoms and dramas (on MeTV and Antenna TV) to game shows (Family Fued and Jeopardy) to PBS documentaries and series (Antiques Roadshow, History's Detectives, etc) to talk shows (View, Kelly & Michael) home improvement and cooking. Some of the current primetime shows I try to watch are Big Bang Theory, the Goldbergs, DWTS (but not AI, X Factor, or The Voice,) and a few others, I can't think of them off the top of my head. Much of the time, the TV is really just on, I'm not watching too intently.

Hard to pin down what the band watches on tour, everyone has different tastes so it's rare that we'd sit in front of the TV as a group.


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