Theme from Hot Shots

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Theme from Hot Shots

Post by eleventhirtyfour »

I recently discovered (I can't remember where but I know it was a podcast, maybe the Kevin Pollack one or the Steve Agee one) that Al did the theme for Hot Shots but it was never used. Is this something that was completely recorded but just has never been released and are there other instances of stuff like this happening?

Another story that I had heard was that Al originally wanted the title for Running With Scissors to be Album 1 (in reference to Episode 1) but the band kind of talked him out of it. Again, are there other stories like this where something was going to go one way but was changed in the end to something different?

Also, I've been listening to you guys CONSISTENTLY since right when Off The Deep End came out (I'm 31). THANK YOU SO MUCH for doing this and doing everything you do! You are truly awesome!

Be jealous.
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Re: Theme from Hot Shots

Post by bermuda »

The Hot Shots! theme was proposed and turned down, not commissioned then shelved (there's a difference.) And it was actually just a demo, not a master recording, although it sounds pretty good. :) There was another instance where a song was demo'd for one project, but later recorded and used on an album. Stanley Spudowki's Theme (aka Fun Zone) was originally demo'd for the theme for NBC's Welcome To The Fun Zone special. I believe the person making the final decision was Ira Newborn, and Al was turned down. The theme that was eventually chosen was by... you guessed it... Ira Newborn!

I don't recall the RWS story, although the cover was shot shortly after the song was recorded, so there could have been a different concept earlier on. Actually, this is the first I'm hearing of it!


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