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Album Extras

Post by QuantumError »

Hello Jon!
I know you are very tight lipped when it comes to unreleased material and you frequently love to tease us regarding our speculation...but is there anything at all you can say about if the new album may have anything beyond simply the songs? I mean, I feel that, in part, I'm expecting to see some videos for some of the songs included, since that has been a pattern the last couple albums..

Also, this is more something I heard among members on here and I'd love to know if you could say yay or nay on it, but do you recall Al ever considering a feature extra on an album of "song stems", where you can take a look at the various recorded tracks laid down for each song? Personally, I think that sounds like one of the most awesome things that could be included with an many fun possibilities!

Anyway, thanks for anything you have to say if you're allowed, or if there's even anything to say at all about these thoughts..

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Re: Album Extras

Post by bermuda »

There are completed videos, and a few more to come, although I don't know how they'll be handled with this album. I do know that there aren't any 5.1 mixes this time, or any instrumentals.

I don't know if Al would or should make stems available. The songs stand on their own, I don't see a benefit to Al or the fans to having them in a remix context. And, that would also mean including a bonus DVD for such files, and i doubt the label woukld view that as an added value to help sales.


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Re: Album Extras

Post by Killingsworth »

This goes along with something I've been wondering about with this upcoming album. Have you seen any indication that Al may want to move away from having mostly animated videos for his songs and move toward including mostly live action videos directed on a modest budget?
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Re: Album Extras

Post by The Sporkman »

Will there be a video for every song like there was for Alpocalypse?

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