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Food Connoisseur

Post by QuantumError »

Hey there Jon!
What kind of foods do you like, style wise? Any favorite dishes? What kind of restaurants or eateries do you tend to frequent? Any favorite meals you tend to make and eat at home?

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Re: Food Connoisseur

Post by bermuda »

Indian cuisine is still my favorite (as it was when I answered the question for the Authorized Al book in 1984!) Indian restaurants are always a pursuit when touring, and Al and I rely on each other to find the local spot for lunch. I also occasionally cook Indian at home, my wife and I were tutored by a lady who was taught to cook as a child in her native India (I assume so she could attract a husband.) Food prep is a LOT of work, and I have a real appreciation for the amount of work restaurants go through 7 days a week!

Favorite dishes are chicken or lamb in various configurations, keema or vegetable samosas, and kulfi, a super-rich ice cream.

But I'll eat just about any cuisine, and even Taco Bell and Chipotle are welcomed now and then.


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