Favorite Music Video/Epic Rap Battles/Advice For Musicians

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Favorite Music Video/Epic Rap Battles/Advice For Musicians

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Hi Bermuda, glad to see that you're answering questions :) I've got a few for you actually & it would be an honor to get your feedback.

1) What has been your favorite music video to star in to date? (Album 14 not included if you prefer)
2) Do you know any details about Al's appearance in Epic Rap Battles of History besides that he's playing Sir Isaac Newton?
3) Any advice for aspiring musicians? You've been successful in "the business" for so long now, how about some words of wisdom? :)

Thanks for looking over my questions (if you do) I really appreciate it.
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Re: Favorite Music Video/Epic Rap Battles/Advice For Musicia

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1) They're all fun, but Bedrock Anthem was slightly more fun than the rest!

2) Nope.

3) hang in there, and good luck!


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