Abandoned Titles

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Abandoned Titles

Post by QuantumError »

Hello Jon!
Have there ever been any titles for albums, or even songs, that ended up not being used? I don't know if that is something Al shares with you guys when the thoughts comes about..but if that happens to be the case, I'm just curious on that idea. If you're allowed to share anything, cool, but I by no means expect you to share any (if there are any), as I know things like this don't normally get shared or talked about with the fans.

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Re: Abandoned Titles

Post by bermuda »

I can only recall two right now: The Plumbing Song was originally called Don't Forget My Plumber, and Fun Zone was originally called Stanley Spudowski's Theme (although it did start as the proposed theme for the 1984 TV special, Welcome To The Fun Zone.)


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