Request regarding Poodle Hat

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Re: Request regarding Poodle Hat

Post by bermuda »

anthontherun wrote:I checked my PC where I had installed the old version a few years ago to use the WBUL instrumental for the WOWAY Awards...and yep, it still works. If there's some way to distribute MP3s I'd be happy to do so but I'd need Bermuda's blessing first.

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Re: Request regarding Poodle Hat

Post by Wizzerkat »

amzo39 wrote:I tried installing the older version a few years ago and it worked out.
I did this as well. You have to UNinstall any newer version and then install QT 6(I think). Then you can see the stuff. Sadly, I personally lost my files in a HD crash years ago and don't have these anymore..
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Re: Request regarding Poodle Hat

Post by Bridger987 »

eleventhirtyfour wrote:I'm pretty sure that even if ripped using a program, the streaming audio quality from the file is low quality (I think). If anyone out here knows of a way to obtain the files in high-quality (or at least decent quality), that would be greatly appreciated!
The audio quality of the bonus mixes is quite low. Not to be ungrateful, of course– I am quite glad to have them. ^_^

Still, though, I'd imagine the original full-quality files existing somewhere... unless they were simply deleted after being incoroporated into the QuickTime file. I second the request for those mixes (and others) to be released as high-quality MP3s or, better yet, lossless files.

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Re: Request regarding Poodle Hat

Post by anthontherun »

So if anyone may or may not be in need of these, you may or may not want to send me a PM, and I may or may not be able to help. :F

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Re: Request regarding Poodle Hat

Post by memphiselle1 »

I use a Mac running OS X Lion. The stupid thing doesn't even realize that the extra stuff is on the disc! Ugh...
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Re: Request regarding Poodle Hat

Post by Bruh12828 »

bermuda wrote:
Wed Aug 20, 2014 4:55 pm
I don't understand why accessing that part of the CD would be difficult, just pop it in the drive of your computer and it should come up. As for the content, I don't recall what's in there, and I couldn't redistribute the material anyway.

If anyone wants to grab the audio from something playing on their computer, a free program called Audacity will record straight from the computer's soundcard. That is, any audio being played can be captured as an audio file. That audio can then be used on other devices where playing the CD isn't possible, such as a tablet or smartphone.

cant you just rip the cd?
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