evil fake weird al songs misnamed by uneducated fools

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As for what I think about songs being mislabeled-- When you see off-color and rude stuff labeled as Weird Al or something on Napster..... Hey, you should be buying his albums and not looking for stuff there! Then you should buy them all, yeah, that's it.... If it hasn't been released yet, you can get some unreleased stuff by joining the Dr. Demento fan club. Otherwise, keep in mind that files are mislabeled ALL the time on those file-sharing systems. Some of the good-sounding parodies that are most mistaken for Al, the people who did those songs spent a lot of time on their work... it might just be about Britney passing gas, that's all--


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It's a sad thing that run-of-the-mill people don't check weirdal.com. They "hear" a song somewhere and a person tells them it's by Al, which if course it isn't. They just take the word, even though the subject is on something Al would never touch, and never double check a site to see if it's by Al.

It's a sad thing.

Also annoying about Napster was when people thought it'd be funny to record an Al song in their own voice and put it up on there as Al. Oy!

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