Least favorite Al song

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Least favorite Al song

Post by Phillipemoz »

To follow up on the worst album thread, how about worst (or least favorite) weird al song. I'd rather say 'least favorite', because all of Al's songs are good, worst would imply that the song is bad.

My least favorite Al song is 'Airline Amy.' It just didn't seem that funny to me. It was more like a straightforward love song with a couple of funny lyrics. But I know alot of people like it, so don't be offended.

So what is your least favorite Al song? :bomb:
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Post by scottidog »

Least favorite? That's actually an easier question to answer than favorite song...

Phoney Calls

Toothless People

Girls Just Want To Have Lunch

Here's Johnny

Jurassic Park

Cavity Search

Let Me Be Your Hog

Keep in mind, I don't hate any of them (except possibly Phoney Calls,) after all even a bad Weird Al song is better than anything Coolio ever did...
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Post by Grom »

Least fave songs:

Toothless People (something off about it)

Spam (got tiring after the 100000th time)

King of Suede (never really "got" that)

There's probably one or two more, but they're at the top of my least-liked songs.
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Post by KagayakiWashi »

Has to be "Buckingham Blues" followed by "The Check's in the Mail".
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Post by anthontherun »

Buckingham Blues, Let Me Be Your Hog
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Post by Ratbert197 »

I dont hate any of the songs but if i had a gun to my head i would pick the one Al seemed to hate (as said in the AAA (ask al archives) ): Girls Just Wanna Have Lunch
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Post by weirdallie27 »

I dont hate any of the songs but if i had a gun to my head i would pick the one Al seemed to hate (as said in the AAA (ask al archives) ): Girls Just Wanna Have Lunch

hehehe- True, it's not the best, but that line, "She eats like she got a hole in her neck...." always cracks me up. :)

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Post by Larry »

Toothless People is the worst of all. Germs or Bugs or whatever it is called is close.
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Post by Dr_Dad »

Toothless People is the worst of all. Germs or Bugs or whatever it is called is close.

"Germs"?? Worst????

:crazy: :nervous: :lookround:


Hey, man, better not let Scottidog hear you say "Germs" is the worst song! If she catches you sayin' that ... well ... then I guess we'll all be singing: "Ah-ahhhhhhhh .... Remember Larry?"

Hey, j/k, Larry ... you obviously haven't seen Scotti's "Drooling Over Al" thread, or you'd know Al's concert version of "Germs" is near and dear to her ... and several other Al-Gals, too!

Don't say I didn't warn ya .... LOL

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Post by Seva »

Duh... all of you folks often ask quite tricky questions, but his is the toughest one. Umm... erm... oh, goodness...

Well, "The Night Santa Went Crazy", of course. The best example of a TRUE song, with melody and lyrics perfectly connected with each other. It just crawls my legs off, especially in the middle: "There's a National Guard and the FBI-I-I-I..." Whew.

And, I love all the polkas and polka medleys, even if there are songs that I've never heard. :satisfied:

So, what about the songs??? Umm, here you are.

Fat, The Saga Begins, Smells Like Nirvana, Amish Paradise, This Is The Life, Jerry Springer, Albuquerque, UHF, Cable TV, I Lost On Jeopardy, Dare To Be Stupid, Like A Surgeon, I Want A New Duck, Living With A Hernia, Dog Eat Dog, Christmas At Ground Zero, Good Enough For Now, Natural Trail To Hell, Another One Rides The Bus, Toothless People, Germs, Truck Driving Song, Achy Breaky Song, My Bologna, Frank's 2000" TV, Ricky, I'll Be Mellow When I'm Dead, Lasagna, Trigger Happy, One More Minute, You Don't Love Me Anymore, Headline News, Spy Hard, Here's Johnny, Don't Wear Those Shoes. The other songs are a little bit worse, maybe, but I love them too. :biggrin: And there's a half of Al's repertoire that I've never heard. Feeling better now???


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