Least favorite Al song

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Post by Manda »

I thought the line was "Sing us a song, Your the Piano Man". Then Al's went "Sling us a web, Your the Spider Man".
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Post by Manda »

But I dont listen to Billy Joel very much.
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Post by Miss Janine »

I do. Have all his cds, and saw him live for the Storm Front tour. Piano Man is one of my favorite BJ songs, and I was really surprised he let Al parody it, since it's considered his signature song.
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Post by XThe_HazMatX »

Huh, i guess BJ didn't care cuz it's an old song! What ever it's a cool song! Both of 'em! :D


Post by iisryan »

Least favorite Al song? It's definately Good Old Days. That's so sad and pointless but I also didn't care for Why Does This Always Happen to Me? for the same reason.

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Post by Big Spoon »

My list of least favorites is probably something like this:

Canadian Idiot
Velvet Elvis
Mr. Popeil
Young, Dumb & Ugly
Talk Soup
She Never Told Me She Was A Mime
Such A Groovy Guy
Girls Just Wanna Have Lunch
And Peggy

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Post by Muldernscully »

Toothless People. No contest.

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Mine is Bob. I really was unhappy when I found out that became the single off Poodle Hat.
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aarokid12 @ Jul 11 2007, 10:48 PM wrote: Pancreas
I just died a little.

And who is this unregistered iisryan above?
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