New York Times Magazine Photoshoot

Is AL-TV returning or did you find a nice interview? Just tell the folks here.

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New York Times Magazine Photoshoot

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Now that the New York Times magazine with the article about Al has been published, I wanted to create a topic for WOWAY members who got the chance to go to the photoshoot to talk about their experience.

I had such a great time there, and even though I’m so far back in the photo I don’t even know exactly where I am, it was so fun coming out of my shell and talk to so many people and hear their stories about Al and what he means to them ^_^ . It was such an accepting group of people. Getting to meet Al again afterwards was also amazing, and he was so sweet and friendly (as usual)! I got to tell him about how the first time meeting him has helped me through even more hard times in my life, and he even hugged me and held my hands again. Also, taking the solo pictures was so fun and made me even feel confident and cute in my costume, so I’m glad to see one was used in the slideshow at the top of the article online.

So, what about you guys? Where are you in the photo? Were any of your solo pictures used? Did you get to meet anyone particularly interesting, or maybe even another member of the forum? Discuss it here!
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