Coromon (New Game) What do we have here...

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Coromon (New Game) What do we have here...

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(I debated about posting this here or Chit Chat, I hope I made the right call)

A game came out - Yesterday I believe, that I've been waiting to play, Coromon, a fake Pokemon type game, but it got an offical release (Interesting because there is a Digimon named Koromon) But anyway....

I am playing today for several hours, and I come to a town that seems to garden a lot. I go in a building, and talk to the guy and...
:o. I laugh for a really long time, before finally clicking on, to find out that its the entire rest of the verse, but off just enough to not get sued!

Just when I think it can't get any cooler, I go talk to the woman.... Her name is Suzanne... and she says "We've been spending most our lives living in this small paradise." :o
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