Parodies You've Made

Here you can show your graphics skills or any program made of Weird Al.

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Re: Parodies You've Made

Post by yankochick38 »

Wow! Better than Handy!! :great:

... :lookaround:
Weird Al Yankovic is one busy daddy
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Re: Parodies You've Made

Post by Jigawatt »

remmy wrote:"First Day of the Tour (I'm So Antsy)", parody of Handy/Fancy

Listen here (mp3): ... sp=sharing
This was AWESOME and you should make songs about everything. :ttr:
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Re: Parodies You've Made

Post by remmy »

You guys are too kind.

Even though I work in audio, this was the first song I've recorded in years, so it means a lot that people enjoyed it. :flower:
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Re: Parodies You've Made

Post by mellow weasel »

You sound like a legit rapper (with much more pleasant voice than Iggy), especially in verses :good: . Choruses are more obviously amateur (in mixing/effects/whatever that is), but still very good :)
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Re: Parodies You've Made

Post by Big Spoon »

That was awesome, Katelyn!
And Peggy
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Re: Parodies You've Made

Post by senorconebra »

Wow! Awesome, Katelyn!
conk or bepis
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Post by ThatJammitySod »

I have a weird idea of doing a parody of Glycerine by Bush called Mr. Clean.
I am not weird.
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Re: Parodies You've Made

Post by Mad Genius »

remmy wrote:Good morning WOWAY, and happy first day of the tour!!! :tacky: :accordion: :ttr:
I present my contribution to the excitement, in parody form. I'm not super thrilled with the mix (orrrr my terrible singing that I had to autotune to within an inch of its life) but I'm still proud of it considering it was conceived, written, and recorded in just over 24 hours (and that includes a full night of sleep!)

"First Day of the Tour (I'm So Antsy)", parody of Handy/Fancy

Listen here (mp3): ... sp=sharing

First thing's first, here's the latest (latest)
Weird Al's about to start his tour in Vegas (lucky Vegas)
But I'm still here in San Francisco
Unemployed and broke, so travelin' right now's a no-go (right)
I should just be content with this (ha!)
He's comin' here to play a gig in late August (yeah!)
I've got tix, front row, orchestra pit,
Aw yeah, I'll be close enough to wear all of his spit (all his spit)
But I'm the kinda fan that can't stop at just one (never)
Tourchasin's in my blood, half my life, son (what?)
You say it's all the same show? Who cares, it's still fun
Like his spot on the charts, his concert's number one

I'm so antsy
I just gotta know
What Al is playin'
in his Mandatory show
I'm so antsy
C'mon throw me a bone
Once the lights dim and they play Fun Zone

Come on WOWAY, let's do this, you'd better review this
First show in detail, don't eschew this debut, it's
Highly anticipated which songs have been slated
For the setlist, and which ones he'll drop 'cause they're kinda dated
Will he keep his goatee or not? I hope so, it's pretty hot
If he cuts Craigslist from the set, Yankochicks will be distraught
Sorry I lost my train of thought, that kinda happens a lot
When I start thinking 'bout those leather pants, my brain just gets caught
Tell me, is Skipper Dan back
Or will he give it the axe?
And do they still end the main set by askin' "who's fat, who's fat?"
What a crime JNN lost the WOWAY award
I'm hopin' my sick rhymes convince Jon to livetweet, not ignore

I'm so antsy
And kinda quizzical
Is Foil in the medley
Or is Al singing it in full?
I'm so antsy
I just gotta know
the fan-favorite original

Catch my drift yet?
I'm so desperate to learn it all
Make some posts and
Feed my need, info's what I want
Yeah keep on sending out tweets
New costumes? Pics please, we need all the deets
Film clips, a few would be sweet
Hope they don't phase out the bus meet and greets, no!

Still waiting, encore's done, yeah?
Got the whole forum askin' bout the Yoda chant
"Da din din da", what comes after that?
I bet the audience was wishing they could match that
They're singin' in Hawaiian, huh?
Haunted Mansion, now there's polyrhythms flyin', huh?
Gonna memorize each word
Next best thing, bidin' time til it's my turn

I'm so antsy
I just might explode
If I don't find out
Some choice gossip, and pronto
I'm so antsy
And I'm not alone
There's lots of fans who're stuck at home

Who that, who that, R-E-M-M-Y
That do that, do that, R-E-M-M-Y
Who that, who that, R-E-M-M-Y
Who that, who that, R-E-M-M-Y
That do that, do that, R-E-M-M-Y
Who that, who that, R-E-M-M-Y
I love it! Your voice is quite pleasant to listen to!
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Re: Parodies You've Made

Post by avesjohn »

This is a parody I started years ago, got two-thirds of the way through, and then stopped. Tonight, while digging through old word documents on a thumb drive, I came across it, and made the effort to add the missing last verse and chorus. You're welcome, world.

Parody of “Survivalism” by Nine Inch Nails

I should have listened to her
So hard to pass her class
I kept on slacking
Now my grade is dipping fast

She gave us lots of time and
I went and put it off
Don’t seem to have the time
My mother’s going to get ticked off

I got my inattention, I got do-nothingism
I got my failing grade in high school journalism
All ‘cause of my procrastination
I got my comp, I got my plan, I’ll do some plagiarism

Hypnotic sound of school bell
Echoing through the halls
The cheering of the students
The running of us all

You see my pants on fire
Don’t try to act surprised
I lied about my grades and
It’s practice for telling real news journalist lies

I got my detention, I got indifferentism
I got my attitude in hi-def nonconformism
All a part of my great notion
You get the gist: I got my plan, I got determinism

All news that’s bleeding is leading
She asked to shake my hand
I turned, just keep on writing
But you’d do the same thing in this circumstance, I’m sure you’ll understand

I got disinformation, I got exaggeration
I got no conscience or care for any criticism
All I want is that promotion
I got my check, I got my fame, all thanks to plagiarism
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Re: Parodies You've Made

Post by Beepela »

This is my latest, inspired by Al of course and his show that we saw in Burlington on the 12th. A parody of Cheerleader called, obviously, Cheeseburger. Although I think the background music is a little too high. Thoughts? ... uscomments" onclick=";return false;
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