What's your SN mean?

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Re: What's your SN mean?

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Welcome to WOWAY Enlee
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Re: What's your SN mean?

Post by ell »

Oh! My name is Elliott. So Ell! Entertaining? Yup. Greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeat :P
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Re: What's your SN mean?

Post by Crysania »

Crysania is a character in a series of fantasy novels (DragonLance). She's one of my favorite characters in the book and half of my favorite pairing (with the evil archmage, Raistlin Majere). A LOOONG time ago when I got my first e-mail address at college (ok, 1994), we were told to pick an alias so people couldn't see our REAL names. I was really into the books and so I chose Crysania. And then when I got on my first message board (1999 - for Phantom of the Opera), I chose it again.

There are people I met from that board who still, 20 years later, call me Crysania (or Crys for short -- sounds like "Chris" btw).
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Re: What's your SN mean?

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Nitro nine is a fictional explosive from doctor who, created and used by my favorite character, Ace!
and Data is the name I honestly, truly the name I go by in real life. All my friends call me that.
I'll be mellow when I'm dead!
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Re: What's your SN mean?

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i like pigeons :)
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