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Re: The Big Introduction Topic

Post by therewillbepez »

Thanks so much, TMBJon! I will contact Jay Levey and may also try Al on Twitter.
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Re: The Big Introduction Topic

Post by poorboy »

I'm confused. According to the rules:

"1. No pictures from or Al's Twitter are to be used for avatars, photo art or anything else unless you are the actual owner of the photo. This is non-negotiable. We can hardly call ourselves a fan board if we don't respect the wishes of Al or Bermuda with respect to copyrights and the webpage etc. Think we won't recognize if a picture is from The Mothership? Think again. Someone will, count on it. If you happen to find a picture that someone else has purloined from The Mothership, you still can't use it. Even if you didn't know that was the original source. "

So I can "steal" any image I want from anything I want as long as it's not weird al related, on a weird al message board? I saw a guy here with the 1st LP as his avatar. Isn't that considered "stealing"? I'm not trying to be difficult. English isn't my first language. These rules seem very confusing.
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Re: The Big Introduction Topic

Post by OneWAY »

If the image is sourced from somewhere that isn't deliberately or the like, it's okay. My avatar is a picture I had taken last year after a concert.
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Re: The Big Introduction Topic

Post by ell »

I've already posted. But my name is Elliott, I'm ten years old, I play the :accordion: accordion a lot, I love Weird Al... I love Weird Al. And I'm a good target for bullying in school. Hi! :D
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Re: The Big Introduction Topic

Post by weirdalbum »

Hey folks! My name is AP, and I'm (obviously) a huge Weird Al fan like everyone else here.

This year, I've dedicated myself to digitally redrawing all 14 studio albums in my style with a new take on the topic. So yeah, essentially a parody of a parody. I plan to share a lot in the art section.

What else? Well, I somehow missed Al's music growing up (not sure how that happened since it's all right up my alley), but I became a fan as a grown up when Mandatory Fun was released. I'm making up for lots of lost time and went to four concerts on the most recent tour. I drew an Al mural on a six-foot dry erase board in my office. It's been there six months, but I get some pretty sweet double takes on visitors' walks to the bathroom.
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Re: The Big Introduction Topic

Post by LaikaComeHome »

Welcome Weirdalbum! :)
Fan since 2007. Blossomed from casual fan to Algal in 2016. 9/14/16-<3 Mandatory Fun Tour at PPAC
Tumblr url is rock-a-noodle for those who want to hmu.
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Re: The Big Introduction Topic

Post by YankoSwag 8888 »

Welcome weirdalbum it's very "weird" here.
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Re: The Big Introduction Topic

Post by 8-Track Mind »

Hi! I am 8-Track Mind and this is me!!!
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Re: The Big Introduction Topic

Post by tdiaz »

You're never too old for Weird Al..
I've come for some poking about .. I've got a 1953 DeSoto that is in need of some TLC... have thought it would be fun to actually drive it to the twineball...
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Re: Hey there.

Post by catladyleeann »

Welcome to the coolest place in the whole, wide world, Zid! :mahalo:
Well, this is it. This IS the last minute!
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