Poodle Hat Spoiler Timeline

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Poodle Hat Spoiler Timeline

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Poodle Hat spoilers
(All events from 2003)

3/3: Tour dates are announced, causing WOWAY to speculate about ALbum #11.
3/18: A splash page is posted on weirdal.com, with a Flash animation of Al and a date of May 20.
3/21: sarley27 shares an email he received from Bermuda. He says that the O.C. concert original "Party at the Leper Colony" will be on the album, as will an original titled "16 Red Balloons."
3/24: sarley27 finds a release listing on cdnow.com for a rerelease of The Videos DVD. One problem: the release date is set for April 15, not May 20.
3/24: Bermuda confirms that PATLC is on the album.
3/29: Elvis discovers the album title: Poodle Hat.
4/1: A message is posted on weirdal.com that says the album will not be ready for the May 20 release date. The message is taken down soon after, and Bermuda reveals it was an April Fools joke he had second thoughts about. If you missed it, Scottidog has an archive of the message.
4/1: The weirdal.com gallery is updated with pictures of the Poodle Hat recording sessions. Also posted are a few pictures from the album cover session, which confirm that the cover was shot on a subway.
4/4: weirdal.com confirms the album's May 20 release date, and posts cover art.
4/13: Recording dates of PH originals are posted on the weirdal.com Recording Dates page. No titles are given for the songs.
4/21: Information about the PH bonus features is posted on weirdal.com.
4/30: An interview with Jim West is discovered, where Jim confirms that a polka medley was recorded.
5/2: goommba posts a list of song titles posted on a newsgroup that were supposedly discovered on Kazaa. When any of the songs are downloaded, the large files are completely blank. (The track list ended up being 100% correct, and the files were posted by Volcano Records.)
5/3: A day after the Kazaa discovery, johnnytimewarp tells us that he knows the person behind the "leaked" tracklist. According to JTW, it's all a hoax. Hours later, JTW denies this, saying that he simply doubts its authenticity.
5/5: Yankovic Farley finds an article that reveals that Eminem's "Lose Yourself" and Nelly's "Hot in Herre" will both be parodied on the new album.
5/6: BillyW3 uncovers the tracklist order, and says that MTV's TRL revealed that "Couch Potato" was a parody of "Lose Yourself." We also learn that Eminem refused to let Al do a video for the song.
5/6: Some Guy finds a Rolling Stone article that provides the full tracklist, what each song is parodying, all the songs in the polka, and even some of the lyrics from "Couch Potato."
5/7: Jigawatt discovers a press release which reveals that the album contains tributes to Bob Dylan and Frank Zappa.
5/7: Marko the Odd confirms that the song Ben Folds plays on is "Why Does This Always Happen to Me?"
5/7: Antonman82 finds that a clip of "Couch Potato" can be heard on MTV.com.
5/7: CatraDhtem finds a link that reveals that "Ode to a Superhero" is about Spider-Man, much to Dave's chagrin, as he had predicted that a few days earlier.
5/14: "Couch Potato" becomes available on MSN in its entirety.
5/16: Al does an interview on CNN's Headline News, where he confirms that Eminem denied permission for a video.
5/17: Thanks to a store that released the album the Saturday before release date, tempforte purchases Poodle Hat, and types up all the lyrics from the album.
5/17: itgavemytv also picks up the CD early, and reveals all of the bonus mixes to us.
5/20: Poodle Hat is finally released! We all get our grubby little paws on it and the general consensus is that it was worth the nearly four-year wait.
5/20: An Easter egg is discovered: a picture of Al and a very pregnant Suzanne.
5/20: Al does a chat on MSN.
5/20: The Players and Recording Dates pages of weirdal.com are updated with complete info for each song from PH.

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Re: Poodle Hat Spoiler Timeline

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Dude... this is awesome! You must have a lot of time on your hands. :P

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