What's your favorite song on "Poodle Hat"?

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complicated song best parody hardware store best original

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Fave PH songs

Post by SmileyGirl87 »

hey its newbie cat haha well I'd have to say my favorite songs on PH would have to be "Hardware Store" and "Genius in France"...that's all for now keep in touch :biggrin:

~*cat*~ :listen:

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Post by Civoknay »

I'll go with

Best Parody: It's gotta be "A Complicated Song". It is a hilarious song. Also, A friend an I made a parody "Complicated" (months before Poodle Hat) that was about a person who got constipated, exactly the scenario in the first verse of Weird Al's version! It surprised me that my friend and I would have the same idea as Weird Al. It makes me feel smart :biggrin:

Best Original: I will give this honor to "Why Does this Always Happen to Me?" because it uses a similar formula as "A Complicated Song" to make it funny. These types of songs always make me laugh.

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Post by OlFuzzy »

It's a tough call, but while musically "Hardware Store" is probably the most impressive thing Al's ever done, I've got to go with "Why Does This Always Happen To Me?", if only because I might be a bigger Ben Folds fan than a Weird Al fan (It's close, I swear!), so I couldn't really pick anything else.

As for the parodies, The Angry White Boy Polka still makes me laugh, but I must admit I'm starting to tire of the rest.

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Post by almost al! »

[quote="OlFuzzy"]I've got to go with "Why Does This Always Happen To Me?"quote]

i was about to say the exact same thing, except i wasnt going to read your post and say as much, just what a quoted!

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Post by TheWhiteStuff »

This is the first Weird Al album that I like every song on.

*drum roll* mine is

A four way tie between A Complicated Song, Trash Day, Couch Potato, and Ode to a Superhero.

Again, all great songs :choon:


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Post by baldbarry005 »

either couch potato or angry white boy polka is the best

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Post by WeirdDana27 »

mine have to be "Why Does This Always Happen To Me?," "Wanna B UR Lovr," and "A Complicated Song."

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Post by XThe_HazMatX »

A Complicated Song is hilarious! And Why Does This Always Happen To Me is pretty funny as well.

It's Gewd! :thumbsup:

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Post by Comrade Knuckles »

Meh, me likes them all.

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