What's your favorite song on "Poodle Hat"?

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eh, but there are some songs better than others
:choon: It's still teh bomb-diggity! :huh:

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scottidog @ May 23 2003, 12:24 AM wrote: It's just way too soon for me to pick a favorite at this point. I'm not even ruling Trash Day out as good song.

I haven't reached for the skip button on any of them, but I do hit the repeat button on Hardware Store.

Someone said they didn't know what possessed Al to do a song about a Hardware Store. My guess is that he has probably done a few honeydew chores that have sent him there...

Hardware Store would have been nearly autobiographical for me if it had been an Office Supply Store. I'm an Office Supply Store junkie. I love the Sunday flyers for Staples, Office Max, Office Depot. I can spend ages in there just looking at stuff. But I have to stay away from the computer stuff or I spend money. Big money.
Where do you live? There isn't much selection for office supply stores where I come from.

For the top track on Poodle Hat, I would say Genius in France, with Ode to a Superhero and Why Does This Always Happen to Me close behind. :stupid:
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Post by alberta1 »

Hardware store was my first favourite, then genius in france :huh: ive just had a mental blank........ ;) ......ummmm, i guess my fav would be party at the leper colony.

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Post by alberta1 »

oh and why does this always happen to me, the ebay tune and couch potato

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Post by crazygurl14 »

I ahave a couple of favorite songs on Poodle Hat. They are Hardware Store, Party @ The Leper Colony, Ebay, Whay Does This Always Happen To Me and Genius In France. Geez good thing this wasn't your favorite song on Bad Hair Day. I love over half of that cd

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Post by freakguy123 »

I'd say either Hardware Store or A Complicated Song. Angry White Boy Polka is good too.

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Post by Gomilkacow77 »

Every song on Poodle Hat is pure genious, Hardware Store has the greatest tune of any song ever created, Everyone loves a nice polka song, which was fufilled by Argry White Boy Polka, and there just has to be some songs that make you wet your pants in laughter, which are A Complicated Song and Why Does This Always Happen to Me. But the best of all is (drumroll) a tie between A Complicated Song and Hardware Store. :thumbsup:

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Post by ace01 »

:P definintly ebay and a complacatid song!

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Post by Alucard »

you know, i don't care much for GIF--then again, never cared much for Zappa anyway. I used to like a few of his songs, but have long since gotten out of it for good reason, lol. He gets really annoying after awhile, at least imho (zappa fans, don't kill me!). I can't really take more than 2 or 3 minutes of GIF--for me, PH usually ends at Ebay. I don't really like Trash Day either, but then again, I hate rap :)

my favs on the album are PATLC, WBUL, and Bob (big dylan fan).

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Post by AlsGal27 »

I guess I'd have to say Trash Day, GIF, and Wanna B Ur Lovr. It's kind of funny, though. Because I hate rap and Nelly and all that stuff, and I get a kick outta Trash Day. I liked GIF just because Albuquerque is my favorite song, and GIF is sort of a long song like that. And when I first heard Wanna B Ur Lovr, my mom and I shut it off because we thought it was gross and weird! And now we love that song, lol.
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