A Complicated Song

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Read this.
4 words that Al said to me that blew me away:

"How's Problem Child doing?" - 7/12/11

So awesome!

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I want a new duck @ Oct 3 2004, 01:16 AM wrote: ok so i thought this comment whould be best if i stuck it in here...

ok so i broke my poodle hat cd ;( and so i went to the store today and bought it agen and the cd is WAY diffrent! the pic of al with his mought open on the cd is alot smaller and it shows silver around him... im gunna take a pic. i wander why its diffrent...
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"A Complicated Song" is one of my favorite songs of of "Poodle Hat." The reason being that it's funny, and that I don't like Avril Lavigne with a passion.

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Post by AMFilms »

I hate her music, but :9~
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Post by Nobody-Chan »

Then you thought Bob and Genuis in France where BETTER?!?!!!! 

i do. i think A Complicated song is funny and all, i just got bored of it. I think all of the songs on poodle hat are better besides Party at the Leper Colony, i hate that song so much.

I hate her music, but  :9~


her music does suck!

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Post by crazygurl14 »

I like avril she is so awesone and ACS is one of my favorite songs on poodle hat. The other people i like to listen to have attitude. I like that
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Post by minnick27 »

I was at Best Buy today and they have a demo model of a keyboard up that the keys light up on it so you can play along. And one of the songs they had was Complicated. So I started playing and I just started singing Als verses. Loudly. I got a few chuckles, and a ton of stares. Im thinking of an encore performance on Friday
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Post by kaffy© »

Beings ACS was the very first song I heard on the radio, it holds special meaning to me. I listen to Mancow in the mornings by routine on my way to work, and it was the morning of the 19th of May, and they had a little snippet of the song playing, and I peed myself on the way to work from laughing so hard (not litterally, but you know what I mean) and I thought to myself, "Man, if this is just ONE song off the album, I really can't wait till midnight to get it now!!"

Sure nough I was in line at Midnight picking up my copy of Poodle Hat. A bit disappointed might I add with the album, but it definitely grew on me. It was weird listening to new material after so long. But ACS, I absolutely LOVED the song.

I'm very familiar with the mainstream stuff too, so I knew all the parodies he was doing, and so I wasn't lost, but I just didn't find that PH was that strong of an album.. Nothing like BHD, RWS, OTDE. But I was still happy to have new material :)

Bob is my other favorite on the album.. ;-)

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Post by samuraisumo »

I didn't like complicated song because it seemed not as funny the first few times I played it. I guess I was expecting it a little more alish.
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Post by Poodle_girl »

Some kid in my class kept singing it almost everyday, and I would laugh so hard at him. Then my cousin brought the CD to my house and played it so I went to get a copy. I was planning on it being on my birthday list but I couldn't wait. The sooner the better!

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