Ode To A Superhero

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Re: Ode To A Superhero

Post by Yankomaniac »

Because he's more clever than you think!
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Re: Ode To A Superhero

Post by avesjohn »

Bumping this topic because I re-watched the original Spider-Man movie (that's the 2002 movie, not the 2012 movie, you young'uns) today for the first time in a while, and doing so reminded me of my childhood thoughts about this song and "The Saga Begins"; namely, I hoped and wondered if the sequels to those movies (that is, Spider-Man 2 and Star Wars Ep. 2) would receive treatment by Al in a parody as a follow-up to the other songs. In retrospect, I realize that, aside from the possibility of revised parody lyrics for the tour version (as mentioned in the first post), that's a creatively stifling idea, and it's little wonder Al never made any songs addressing those sequels.

My two cents.

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Re: Ode To A Superhero

Post by mellow weasel »

You talking about this song and "Saga Begins" reminded me of something :lol: . You know how Al tells that after Madonna covered "American Pie" some kinds were confused why she normalised his song? I had a similar situation with "Ode to Superhero". I didn't know "Piano Man", so I thought it was an original. Once I was watching some Ben Folds concert videos, and he started playing a familiar melody, and I was like "OMG he's gonna play "Ode to Superhero", how awesome is that :whoot: . Wait a minute, that's not the right lyrics :? . Did he rewrite Al's lyrics???".
And only then it struck me that this must be the original song :imstupid: .

Also for a while I thought "Saga Begins" was a parody of Madonna's song :S

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Re: Ode To A Superhero

Post by LaikaComeHome »

This song is freaking hilarious, one of his best lyrically speaking. Specially love the Danny Phantom AMV I saw to this song. ^_^
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