Christmas At Ground Zero

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Post by Muldernscully »

There needed to be a sixth option:

Twisted, but I like it.

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Here's a guy compiling a list of holiday music and giving CAGZ some love.
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Post by Limecat »

Best Christmas song EVER!

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Post by Keir »

As much as I enjoy TNSWC, I think [email protected] is more of an enduring classic. I guess that's what happens when you listen to a song every Christmas for 21 years.

One of my favorite parts is the subtle use of the air raid siren throughout the song. It really fits with the music nicely.
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I was 12 when I first heard it and I was into shooter games around then so I thought it was hilarious!
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Post by 27-77 »

I voted the best Christmas song although it's actually my second favorite. The Night Santa Went Crazy is the best one!

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Post by DrDecay »

Great poll! I loved the song and the video soooo much! I heard the song for the first time when I was really young so I didn't understand it much. However, it's always been the greatest things ever!

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Post by kyky27 »

great freakin song!! i love it! from now on, every christmas i WILL listen to it 27 times!! :D
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Post by ludovica64 »

I think its a great song. I can't see a good reason for the controversy. There are plenty of harder hitting songs washing about
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Post by anthontherun »

I just got the "Headline News" what exactly is the difference between the original and alternate mix of [email protected]? It almost sounds like the sleigh bells are louder but I think I'm just trying to delude myself into finding even something remotely different with it...
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