2005 (Third) WOWAY Awards Official Topic

An annual WOWAY tradition since 1961.

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You have quickly thought up such matchless phrase?

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Teh Dingo
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You have quickly thought up such matchless phrase?

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Teh Dingo
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You have quickly thought up such matchless phrase?

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So who won you ask? I only announced the winners in the chat. Highlight the quote box for the winners

Best Newbie-samuraisumo

Best Avatar Photo-Driew La 27

Best Avatar Non Photo-Jigawatt

Best Signature-spacedingo

Most Sorely Missed Fan-Bermuda

Most Fervant Al Pal-Elvis

Most Fervant Al Gal-algonacchick

Most Likely to be Surfing WOWAY-algonacchick

Best Hangin 27 Web Surfer-scottidog

Best Topic-Drooling Over Al 24-7

Best Post-I need 5 minutes alone with this picture in the bushes

Funniest Member-spacedingo

Most Likely to Be in the Chat Room-TheMeccaOfAlbinoPoodles

Best Concert Review-WHiZZi

Best Game-Pants

Best Survivor Cast Member-Bruce the Duck

Best Fan Parodist-thatoneguy and weirdojace

Best Fan Parody Written-Welcome to McDonalds, spacedingo

Best Fan Parody Recorded-1955, thatoneguy

Best Interactive WOWAY Event-Weird Al Survivor All Stars, 2nd Semi Annual WOWAY Awards

Best Fan Artist Paint Photoshop-scottidog

Best Fan Artist Original Material-Aron

Best Fan Creativity Topic-Fun with Paint/Photoshop

Most Insightful International Member-Mewrio

Most Helpful Member-scottidog

Best Moderator-scottidog

Next Hosts-Driew La 27, iisryan27

Congratulations to the winners and thanks for a great experience!!!
You have quickly thought up such matchless phrase?

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<spacedingo> Well....I guess it's about time to start this shindig

<Akrovak> I have it

<algonacchick> cool

<Elvis> cool

<mewrio> you people and your dirty minds

<spacedingo> Hopefully the rest of crowd is still getting to their seats

<DrSteggy> hey what's wrong witha dirty mind?

<mewrio> Nothin'

<mewrio> just said you had one

<Carol> They make chicken hotdogs?

* Elvis takes his seat....... to his car

<algonacchick> *Patti drinks more beer

<spacedingo> *pushes play on a tape recorder*

<spacedingo> *Nature Trail to Hell begins*

<mewrio> We finally handled those baby cocks at school yesterday!

<DrSteggy> well, I certianly don't deny that...

<spacedingo> Heh heh....oops *fast forward*

<Elvis> Shh!! Awards are starting!

<spacedingo> *Fun Zone starts playing*

*** Elvis changed the topic to: WOWAY AWARDS!

<spacedingo> Ah...that's better. Welcome everybody to the third semi annual WOWAY Award semi annualy awards. The only award in history that Bono hasn't been nominated for. (Although rumor has it that anth is secretly Bono and he's just hiding it well).

<spacedingo> There was heated competition all around this year, as WOWAYers everywhere proved that Al doesn't have to put out an album to get our forum buzzing

<spacedingo> (But it'd help, you know...hint hint).

* Elvis cheers

<Carol> WOO!

* DrSteggy waves a small flag

<spacedingo> This is no doubt the strongest crop of nominees in the history of the semi WOWAY annual awards, and I didn't envy the task that the voters had laid out for them!

<algonacchick> (Y)

<mewrio> be RIGHT back

<spacedingo> Well enough with the chit chat, let's get to why we're here! Free tacos!

<DrSteggy> YEAH!

<DrSteggy> wait

<spacedingo> Er....I mean the awards

<Elvis> Jigawatt's in jail???

<algonacchick> woo!

<algonacchick> hehe

<Carol> The suspense...

* mewrio plays some creepy suspense music

* Elvis pays Jigawatt's bond money

<spacedingo> We'll start with the Best Newbie award....don't want them staying up past their bedtime, after all. Head off to the WOWAY Award topic to check out the presentation and then get back in here! Or not...see if I care

<DrSteggy> LOL

<DrSteggy> oh that's great!

<Elvis> haha

<Aron> lol

*** Guest [[email protected]] has joined #weirdal

<spacedingo> And the winner is.......

<spacedingo> samuraisumo!


<mewrio> Yay Sumo!

<Guest> wtg



* Elvis claps

<DrSteggy> WOO



<mewrio> Hi fred

<Akrovak> Yay Sumo!

<Carol> Yay Sumo!

<Aron> yay!

* Carol looks brave for her adoring fans

<spacedingo> Before we continue, let's all take a minute to thank the accounting firm of Pryce Mewriohouse for keeping the votes secure and away from prying eyes!

<Guest> YAY!

<Guest> Congrats Pryce

<Akrovak> thanks mewrio

* DrSteggy cheers wildly

* mewrio blushes

<spacedingo> OK, now we present the award for Best Avatar Photo!

<Akrovak> (Dave, I pm'd you the red carpet transcipt)

*** algonacchick [[email protected]] has joined #weirdal

<mewrio> WB Patti

<algonacchick> wow, that was weird

<spacedingo> The photo avatar gives us an insight into your soul or a chance to aww at cuteypie pets...or laugh at subtle crude Valentines Day jokes

<algonacchick> what did I miss?

<Aron> was it weird al weird or "hey this computer is screwy" weird?

<DrSteggy> best newbie

<algonacchick> oh, ok

<mewrio> Sumo was the best newbie

<algonacchick> cool

<spacedingo> This is what makes people stand out on WOWAY! Head on over to the WOWAY Awards thread for the presentation....if you dare!!!

<Elvis> (red carpet transcript posted)

*** Kayy911 [[email protected]] has joined #weirdal

<algonacchick> oh, the latter, Aron, the browser shut down

<Kayy911> y0 y0

<Carol> Hey Kayy

<Aron> ok

<Aron> lol

<algonacchick> Hi, Kayy

<spacedingo> Ugh....I'm sorry...can't even go to the bathroom without hitting one of those darn cell phone commercials.

<algonacchick> just teh whole dang window collapsed



<spacedingo> And the winner is.....Driew La 27!

<Kayy911> yay!

<algonacchick> yay!

<Driew> YEAH!!!!!!!

<Akrovak> Yay Driew!

<Kayy911> booya!

<Carol> Hooray!

<DrSteggy> congrats Driew!

* Elvis claps

<algonacchick> that was teh fith one! ah, well

<Kayy911> do i win 1?

<mewrio> Go Driew!

<spacedingo> And where Best Photo Avatar is, best non photo always follows!

<mewrio> Stop the awards!

<spacedingo> Check out the presentation in the WOWAY Award topic!

<spacedingo> Yes, mewrio?

<Aron> lol

<mewrio> ... what's the trophy this time around?

<mewrio> :lookaround:

<Aron> yay driew!

<spacedingo> Oh, the spatula trophy

<algonacchick> yeah, even though I was up for that award, you deserved to win, Driew

<mewrio> innit funny how I always design the trophies?

<spacedingo> :sly:

<Aron> wheres the topic?

<DrSteggy> The Official WOWAY Awards trophy designer!

<algonacchick> it's consistient, that's for sure

<spacedingo> And the winner for best avatar, non photo is! Jigawatt!!

<algonacchick> -i

<algonacchick> yay!

<Akrovak> yay Adrian!

* DrSteggy cheers!

*** Lawn [[email protected]] has joined #weirdal

<mewrio> Yay Adrian!

<spacedingo> Fear the taco!

<mewrio> Hello Lawn

<Carol> Go Adrian!

<Elvis> I didn't know Gil was up for an award!

<DrSteggy> hello...Lawn

<Lawn> y0 y0

<Lawn> whoops

<Lawn> im in it twice


<algonacchick> hehe

<Elvis> I mean YAY ADRIAN

<DrSteggy> that never gtes old

<algonacchick> noooo

<algonacchick> certainly not

<Aron> YAY!

<spacedingo> And now the award for best signature...as always, the award presentation is up in the WOWAY Award topic!

<spacedingo> And the winner is

<Kayy911> ya?

* spacedingo sheilds himself

<spacedingo> spacedingo

<DrSteggy> FIX!

<DrSteggy> I mean

<Akrovak> yay Dingo!

<DrSteggy> WOOOOOO

<Aron> lol

<algonacchick> what??

* Carol throws spatulas

<mewrio> WTG Dingo!

<spacedingo> It's all mewrio's fault!


<Driew> <_<

<mewrio> Uh oh

<Elvis> RECOUNT!!

<algonacchick> congrats, Dingo

<Driew> the host can't win....

<mewrio> Quick, back to the TARDIS!

<mewrio> Cliffhanger ending!

<Elvis> congratulations spacedingo

* mewrio dematerialises

<Elvis> cheater!

<spacedingo> And now, the award for most sorely missed fan....too bad they aren't here to check out the presentation in the WOWAY Award topic

<Driew> lol

<spacedingo> And the most sorely missed fan is....meaning I have to actually pm him....Bermuda!

<Elvis> Yay Bermuda!

<DrSteggy> woooooo

<Akrovak> whooo hoooo!

<algonacchick> yay

<spacedingo> I'm scurred

<Carol> You rock my soff!

<Aron> yay!

<mewrio> do we clap because he won, or cry because he's missing?

<Elvis> since he posted recently, doesn't he have to give up his award?

<Carol> 8socks off

<Akrovak> just include a funny sig, Dingo ... you'll be fine

*** Sarah [[email protected]] has joined #weirdal

<DrSteggy> Hi Sarah

<algonacchick> yeah, a funny award winning sig

<Carol> Hey!

<mewrio> Is that... Sarah_yzma?

<algonacchick> que?

<spacedingo> And now the award for most fervant al pal! Check out the topic for the presentation!

<mewrio> nm

<Elvis> hahahahahahaha

<DrSteggy> That is a scary collection of people in the pic


<spacedingo> And the winner is.....

<spacedingo> Way to steal my thunder Dave

<Elvis> hehe

<spacedingo> Yes, it's you

* DrSteggy cheers wildly

<Elvis> YAY!!!!!!!

<Aron> lol

<Akrovak> yay Dave!

* Carol throws a spatula at the back of Dave's head

<Elvis> Thankyuh, thankyuh vurry mudge!

<DrSteggy> awright the violence has started too!!

<algonacchick> hehe, wtg, Dave!

<Elvis> great picture of me too.

<Aron> lol

<Carol> Love it.

<Aron> Carol--- you gotta aim for the dead center of his head

<Aron> like this----

<spacedingo> And now the award that not only do you not have to be an Al Gal to be nominated for...you don't even have to be a gal!

<Elvis> OUCH!

<Aron> hehe

<spacedingo> Check out the award topic for the Most Fervant Al Gal presentation

<Elvis> stupid flying spatulas *grumble*

<Driew> I better not be a girl....

<Carol> It hurts more in the back of the head.

<DrSteggy> LOL

<algonacchick> nice writing, Dingo

<Aron> LOL

<Aron> "not an al gal"

<Elvis> aw Driew, how cute!


<Aron> I like that

<spacedingo> I tried to make it look like second grade Valentines

<algonacchick> good job

<DrSteggy> nicely done

<DrSteggy> hilarious

<spacedingo> It was on purpose

<Carol> Awww...

<Elvis> all the presentations are awesome! :bigups:

<algonacchick> I had to search for my name. I couldnt see it at first

<spacedingo> And the winner is...algonacchick!

<Aron> so cute

<Aron> and funny

<algonacchick> YAY!

<DrSteggy> wheeeeee!

<DrSteggy> congrats PAtti!

<spacedingo> Thanks Dave!

<Akrovak> Yay Patti!

<Elvis> YAY!

<Carol> WOO!

<Elvis> Thanks Patti

<algonacchick> thank you! I love you all!

<Driew> phew!

<Driew> wtg

<Akrovak> I'm sure you were a close second, Driew

<algonacchick> hehe, you can relax now, Driew

<Driew> dingo are we getting avies?

<algonacchick> yay! I won an award!

<spacedingo> And now it's time for Most Likely to be Surfing WOWAY! The presentation is up!

<mewrio> Congratulations Patti!

<algonacchick> thanks

<spacedingo> And that's grafiti spraypaint, Patti


<Aron> hehe

<Driew> so childlike, its hilarious! LOL

<algonacchick> cool, dingo!

<Akrovak> lol ... loving all the presentations, Dingo!

<spacedingo> And the winner is.....

<spacedingo> algonacchick!

<DrSteggy> Woooooo!

<algonacchick> woo!!

<DrSteggy> two in a row!

<Akrovak> yay patti!

<spacedingo> Thanks, Ak!

<Elvis> oooh, two in a row!

*** gtrmu [[email protected]] has joined #weirdal

<Carol> WOO!

<Elvis> Thanks Patti

<algonacchick> thank you!

<DrSteggy> hey serge

<mewrio> Go Patti!

<gtrmu> hey jackie,

<algonacchick> Hi, Serge

<mewrio> Hi serge

<Driew> is that award a diss?

<gtrmu> where are the awards happening?

<gtrmu> in here?

<algonacchick> what??

<Driew> no offense Patti

<spacedingo> Hi!

<Driew> well you know...

<DrSteggy> presentations on the forum and winners announced here!

<algonacchick> how would it be a diss

<Driew> never mind, congrats Patti!

<spacedingo> In here and on the forum

<gtrmu> ah

<algonacchick> thanks, Driew

<Elvis> never mind driew. he's just upset he lost the al gal category

<spacedingo> And now the award for Best Hangin 27 Web Surfer....check out the presentation in the WOWAY Award topic

<algonacchick> lol

<Aron> hehe

<DrSteggy> AH

<algonacchick> hehe, love that pic, Dingo

<Elvis> hahq

<gtrmu> who got most sorely missed fan?

<spacedingo> I forget who did that

<spacedingo> Dave?

<algonacchick> Bermuda

<gtrmu> thought so

<spacedingo> I think Dave did it

<Elvis> yeah, i made that picture

<algonacchick> I remember

<Elvis> which is obvious why i'm not up for the photoshop category. haha

<algonacchick> we had fun with it, too

<spacedingo> I used Make it Funny pics because I figured they were public domain

<Driew> who won best surfer?


<Elvis> so who won!

<algonacchick> still waiting

<spacedingo> Haven't announced it yet

<DrSteggy> yeah who won!

<spacedingo> But now I will!

<algonacchick> we know! we want to know now

<spacedingo> The winner is....scottidog!

<algonacchick> yay!

* DrSteggy cheers!

<Akrovak> yay Bobbi!

<gtrmu> hissssssssssssssssssssss

<gtrmu> j/k

<Elvis> Yay!

<spacedingo> And now, the Best Topic award...the presentation is now up in the WOWAY Award topic

<Elvis> good, she won an award, now best mod is all mine! bwahahaha

<algonacchick> I was up for that, but, I really think Bobbi deserves it

<algonacchick> hehe

<Carol> Go BoBobbi

<algonacchick> so I'm 2 for 4 so far

<DrSteggy> Ha, our freaking Survivor topic got nominated!

<spacedingo> Or not, apparantly!

*** YDU [[email protected]] has joined #weirdal

<DrSteggy> hey YDU

<algonacchick> hi, Sarah

<spacedingo> Oh wait no...there it is

<spacedingo> Stupid flood control

* Elvis gives spacedingo a boat for the flood

<spacedingo> Hello

<spacedingo> Thanks!

<spacedingo> And the winner for best topic is....

<spacedingo> Drooling Over Al 24/7!

<DrSteggy> Yay!

<algonacchick> WOO!

<Akrovak> yay drool!

<algonacchick> hehe

<Elvis> so driew won after all


<algonacchick> haha

<gtrmu> hey leave driew alone!

<Carol> Yay!

<gtrmu> we all love him, but, not in that sort of way

<Elvis> i don't really read that, but congrats drool!

<spacedingo> The next award is for best post....the presentation is now up at the WOWAY Award topic


<algonacchick> hehe

<Elvis> (hopes to steal spacedingo's thunder again)

<DrSteggy> Dave's a post now?

<spacedingo> ....

<spacedingo> you did

<algonacchick> well, his post is up

* gtrmu throws a tomato at elvis and hides

<Elvis> actually i voted for whizzi;s post

<spacedingo> And the winner is Elvis *ves his lipsockingly*


<Aron> lol

<spacedingo> mockingly

<algonacchick> I know, that soudned wrong

<Carol> Woo!

<Elvis> wait, i won?

<algonacchick> I meant what he posted was up for an award

* Carol throws more pointed spatulas

<Driew> wait shouldn't Jeremy win?

<DrSteggy> I know, Iw as just being filthy

<spacedingo> And now, the next award is for Funniest Mr. The presentation is uthe WOWAY Award topic

<Driew> he posted "I need five minutes alone...."

<Elvis> who won?

<algonacchick> Man, you can't say anything anymore.

<gtrmu> i voted for dr. dad's post

<Elvis> the best post?

<algonacchick> you did

<Driew> never mine....

<spacedingo> Dave's post did

<Elvis> i' m shocked.

<Elvis> really. haha

<algonacchick> hehe, that was a funny post

<spacedingo> This is my favorite presentation too

<DrSteggy> LOL

<Akrovak> lol ... that's awesome

*** thatoneguy [[email protected]] has joined #weirdal

<thatoneguy> Hello

<mewrio> Hi Matt

<Carol> Hey!

<DrSteggy> hi Matt

<spacedingo> And the winner is....

<algonacchick> well done on the funniest member, Dingo

<algonacchick> Hi!

<thatoneguy> Hi Hi Hi

<algonacchick> well?

<spacedingo> Grrrrr

<spacedingo> Sorry. Froze up on me

<algonacchick> not you

<Elvis> uh oh

<algonacchick> bummer

<spacedingo> Which is funny because yes....the winner is....spacedingo!

<algonacchick> hehe

<algonacchick> yay!

<Akrovak> yay Dingo!

<mewrio> yay!

<Elvis> YAY spacedingo! Say something funny!

<thatoneguy> Good job Dingo

* DrSteggy cheers!

<Carol> Yay!

<DrSteggy> Be funny Dingo!

* Elvis chants "BE FUNNY! BE FI

<Driew> that's like asking Al to be weird....

<Elvis> heh, the censors cut me off

<spacedingo> The next award is for Most Likely to Be in the Chat Room, and the presentation's up at the WOWAY Award topic

<spacedingo> Hee Driew!

<Driew> LOL

<Elvis> the winner better be here! haha

<mewrio> Can we have a commercial break soon?

*** TheMecca [[email protected]] has joined #weirdal

*** mode/#weirdal [+o TheMecca] by ChanServ

<TheMecca> hey, I'm baaaack

<mewrio> He's baaaack!

<spacedingo> He is now

<spacedingo> The winner is Mecca!

<Aron> lol

<mewrio> juust in time too

<Carol> AAAAH!


<TheMecca> ?!

<Elvis> haha, perfect timing Mecca!!

<Driew> LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

<DrSteggy> Congrats Mecca!

<TheMecca> For what?

<algonacchick> lol! I love what you did for this award, dingo

<TheMecca> I WON?

<spacedingo> For most likely to be in the chat room

<Elvis> YAY Mecca!


<algonacchick> woo!

<Akrovak> yay Mecca

<spacedingo> Thanks Patti. Another one of my favorites

<Carol> Hooray!

<mewrio> Congrats Mecca

<thatoneguy> Good Job Mecca!

<spacedingo> By request, we can take a little commercial break

<TheMecca> Ho-lee crap, irony

<TheMecca> Commercial!

<spacedingo> Let me catch my breath

<TheMecca> I just got the crap beaten out of me in Mortal Kombat

<DrSteggy> commercial irony?

* Elvis runs to the men's room and snack bar

<algonacchick> hehe, you almost pulled a Lahti

<mewrio> Where did you get that portion of chat Dingo?

*** Elvis changed the topic to: Commercial break

<spacedingo> A screenshot of the Java Room

<spacedingo> I made up the text

<algonacchick> that's pretty funny

<mewrio> I swear I've seen us say that somewhere

<DrSteggy> it is reeally funny

<mewrio> *cue X-Files theme*

<DrSteggy> thats the funniest part--I cna see that conversation happening

<spacedingo> Driew insults iisryan, silver's creeped out, Mecca makes weird TMBG refs....sounds about right

<TheMecca> Everyone who voted for Mecca gets a Mecca Point

<spacedingo> I had nothing for mewrio, so I just did the generic Simpsons thing

<TheMecca> which is the TMBG symbol on a coin

<Carol> I forget who I voted for.

<DrSteggy> YEAH I get a MEcca point

<DrSteggy> I think

<TheMecca> Thanks to everyone who has 1 mecca point

<mewrio> Yeah, I'm too generic

<TheMecca> Oh, i just read the Most Likely To Be In The Chatroom thing


<algonacchick> there were a few tings I didn't vote for, because I don't follow them, this was one

<TheMecca> Man, that's JUST like me!

<TheMecca> Except I don't care for John Lee: Supertaster.

<DrSteggy> I lo e that song!

<DrSteggy> love that song

<TheMecca> eh

<TheMecca> I'd make an Ant reference cause that's better

<TheMecca> Ant President = BEST

<algonacchick> I just thought it was a funny name

<DrSteggy> Its a TMBG song

<algonacchick> ah, ok

<TheMecca> Not the best song...

<TheMecca> Oh, Jackie, I can scan in the funny improv thing if you want

<TheMecca> tomorrow I'll be bored

<DrSteggy> ok cool beans

<spacedingo> I love John Lee Supertaster

<DrSteggy> I will be pretty mucch NOT HOME all weekend

<DrSteggy> see? John Lee Supertaster rocks

<TheMecca> To everyone: In my Improv Club, we played a game called "HIDDEN LINE" where we have a sentence in our pockets someone else wrote, and we have to read it out loud

<TheMecca> Mine?

<TheMecca> "I'm carrying your baby"

<TheMecca> I wrote FREEBIRD! on someone elses though...

<spacedingo> Is someone transcripting this?

<DrSteggy> no clue

<Carol> lol I've played that one

<Elvis> i love improv!

<TheMecca> However I had to actually say "I'm carrying your baby" in front of like... 6 people

<mewrio> I can for the moment, but I think my brother's going to kick me off in an hour

<TheMecca> and 2 guys were saying both lines... the other guy's hidden line was "Manly Men Wear Pink"

<mewrio> will it be finished by then?

<TheMecca> Who won so far?

<spacedingo> Ready to get back to the show?

<mewrio> yes

<spacedingo> I'll post all the winners after the show

<algonacchick> ready

<TheMecca> Okay

<Elvis> i won best post and best al pal

<spacedingo> Okey Doke

<Aron> hehe

<TheMecca> I'm ready

<algonacchick> me twice, mecca!

<mewrio> lunchtime, brb

<spacedingo> The next award is for Best Concert Review. The presentation is up at the WOWAY Award topic

*** Elvis changed the topic to: WOWAY AWARDS CONTINUE!

<algonacchick> awesome presentation for this, dingo


<DrSteggy> dammit I need to write and post concert reviews STILL

<algonacchick> what?? hehe, you're worse than Dave

<TheMecca> Awww

<Elvis> hehe

<spacedingo> And the winner is.....

<DrSteggy> HEY Dave has some that are YEARS overdue...

<Elvis> what is this, pick on Dave day?

<DrSteggy> my worst one is only um ONE year overdue

<algonacchick> it'

<spacedingo> WHiZZi!

<DrSteggy> Its ALWAYS pick on Dave Day!

<algonacchick> It's always pick on Dave day

<DrSteggy> YAY!

<algonacchick> jinx

<Carol> Wooo!

<spacedingo> Except Wednesdays! That's Prince Spaghetti night

<Elvis> yay Whizzi!

<algonacchick> yay, Whizzi!

<algonacchick> oh, right

<Aron> yay!

<DrSteggy> oh I owe Pattie a beer now!

<Akrovak> yay Whizzi!

<algonacchick> and I'm proud to say I met Whizzi

<spacedingo> And now the award for Best Game....the presentation is up at the WOWAY Award topic

<DrSteggy> go Survivor AllSTars!

<Elvis> go PANTS!

<TheMecca> brb

* Elvis puts on pants

<Akrovak> go Space Invaders!

<Carol> Everybody loves Pants

<algonacchick> hehe

<thatoneguy> yee haa!

<algonacchick> hangman! come on!

<spacedingo> And the winner is....

<spacedingo> Pants!

<Carol> WOO!

<Elvis> PANTS!! haha

<algonacchick> yay

<Akrovak> yay Pants!

<algonacchick> that is a fun game

* DrSteggy cheers

<spacedingo> Which means Paris Hilton's not eligible to play

<algonacchick> you did it again, Dave

<Elvis> Yay!

<thatoneguy> LOL

* Elvis takes off pants

* Carol pants's dave

* DrSteggy cheers

<algonacchick> hehe

<Carol> Too late.

<spacedingo> And now the award for best Survivor Cast Member! The presentation is up at the WOWAY Award topic

<algonacchick> ah, well


<algonacchick> *Patti gets another beer

<Elvis> hehe, go Ann B. Davis!!

<DrSteggy> I think I voted fo rJasper Johns

<spacedingo> Jasper Johns is the youngest one in curls

<spacedingo> And the winner is...

<algonacchick> lol

<spacedingo> Bruce the Duck!

<Akrovak> yay Jeremy!

<Carol> Yay!

<algonacchick> yay, Jeremy, even though I don't play survivor anymore

<Elvis> hehe, I'm Jan

<DrSteggy> I'm Peter in that case

<mewrio> back

<DrSteggy> that is creepy!

<algonacchick> hehe

<spacedingo> Next is the award for Best Fan Parodist. The presentation is up at the WOWAY Award topic

<Elvis> i hate being the middle child.

<Elvis> congratulations Jeremy!

<spacedingo> Or it should be

<algonacchick> join the club. I'm the middle child for real

<thatoneguy> Yay! *crosses fingers*

<spacedingo> I screwed up the html/img thing. hold on

<spacedingo> Now it is

<algonacchick> hehe, cool

<spacedingo> We had a tie in this category

<TheMecca> Gotta go

<DrSteggy> night Kev

<spacedingo> Night!

<spacedingo> The winners are

<spacedingo> thatoneguy

<Elvis> Congratulations Matt!

<algonacchick> congrats, Matt

<Carol> Good job!

<thatoneguy> yay! Thank you...thank you...I would like to think all the mods for letting post my stuff on here...

<spacedingo> And weirdojace!

<algonacchick> yay, jace!

* DrSteggy cheers twice!

<Elvis> ... and weirdojace!

<Akrovak> yay Matt and weirdojace!

<Carol> Hoorah!

<thatoneguy> *thank all the mods* I cant' spell when I'm ecxutedldkfjdsflk

<algonacchick> (Y)

<Elvis> hehe

<mewrio> Yay Matt! Yay Jace!

<Aron> awesome

<spacedingo> The next award is for Best Fan Parody written, and the presentation is up!

<thatoneguy> oh *crosses fingers again*

<spacedingo> This is for written, you're up for recorded

<thatoneguy> oh wait...I didn't have one for written...

<thatoneguy> k, still have fingers crossed though


<mewrio> (psst... it's "lonely")

<thatoneguy> he he

*** anth [[email protected]] has joined #weirdal

<spacedingo> Doh! Well one through what we've been through for so far isn't bad

<mewrio> wb Anth

<anth> hey

<spacedingo> Hi!

<spacedingo> And the winner is...

<algonacchick> hi

<anth> I'm confused by what's in the topic...have any winners been announced?

<Elvis> i won best mod. sorry anth

<spacedingo> I'm not posting the winners until the show is done

<anth> I thought Bobbi would win so I threw a vote your way

<anth> ok

<anth> Bad Dave

<Elvis> winners have been announced in the chat only

<spacedingo> Best Fan Parody Written goes to

<spacedingo> Welcome to McDonalds by spacedingo!

<Elvis> best mod hasn't been announced yet

<algonacchick> yay, dingo

<DrSteggy> WOOOOOOOoooooo!

<Carol> YAY!

<anth> there's still hope then

<Elvis> yay spacedingo! (RECOUNT! FIX!)

<Akrovak> yay Dingo!

<thatoneguy> Good Job! That is a good song by-the-way

<spacedingo> Which actua;ly makes me feel bad because when I posted it, I didn't realize it was the same day as the deadline

<anth> woo!

<spacedingo> Thanks Matt!

<spacedingo> The next award is for best fan parody recorded...the presentation is now going up

<thatoneguy> Sure thing Dingo

<thatoneguy> okay...*Matt breathes*

<anth> go 1955!

<algonacchick> thats cute, dingo

<spacedingo> And the winner is....

<spacedingo> 1955!!

<thatoneguy> Yay!

<mewrio> Yeah!

* DrSteggy cheers

<Akrovak> yay Matt!

<algonacchick> yay!! I love that song

<Carol> OORAY!

<mewrio> Congrats Matt!

<Elvis> congratulations Matt! I love that song

<anth> yes! it deserved it

<DrSteggy> I have never heard it...where can I find it?

<thatoneguy> Thank you...and there is a lot more stuff where that came from

<thatoneguy> Thanks anth

<Elvis> talking taco radio

<DrSteggy> ah

<spacedingo> Yeah, I haven't heard it either...when I went to get it, your site was down'

<Elvis> actually it's in the parodies topic somewhere

<DrSteggy> I'll put a bug in th eTaco's ear next week

<algonacchick> that's where I first heard it

<thatoneguy> Well, you can go to the listen section of my site... thatoneguyonline.com

<spacedingo> I love BttF, so I very much want to hear it!

<algonacchick> it's very good

* DrSteggy is goingto check it out now

<Elvis> a deserving winner of that topic

<spacedingo> The next award is for best interactive woway event! The presentation is up!

<thatoneguy> Thanks Elvis!

<anth> I think SAS will win but I think Survivor 4 SHOULD win

<anth> wait, S4 is only up for Best Game

<algonacchick> lol! I love this! Bringing back those cows! Brilliant!

<spacedingo> We had another tie!

<mewrio> how many more awards do we have to go?

<spacedingo> The second WOWAY Awards and Weird Al Survivor All Stars!

<mewrio> Yeahoo!

* DrSteggy cheers

<algonacchick> yay

<anth> woo!

<spacedingo> 5 I think

<Elvis> YAY!!!

<anth> what won Best Game?

<Carol> YAY!

<mewrio> But the quiz was the best :F

<spacedingo> Oh I loved the quiz too

<Elvis> Although Ryan deserves the award more than me

<spacedingo> Pants, Anth

<anth> aww

* spacedingo pants Anth

* Elvis puts on pants

* anth pants him back

<mewrio> uh...

<thatoneguy> LOL

<DrSteggy> not that there's anything wrong with that

<spacedingo> Next award is for best artist paint/photoshop...the presentations up

<spacedingo> And I apoligize to Dave in advance for this one

<spacedingo> >:oD

<Elvis> uh oh

<Carol> GO ME!

<DrSteggy> lol

<thatoneguy> he he

<spacedingo> Carol, you're up for original material

<Carol> OOPS, wrong ione.

<Carol> *one

<Elvis> i wanna know who that guy on the cell phone is

<algonacchick> hehe

<spacedingo> And the winner is....

<DrSteggy> I think that's Bob

<Elvis> haha

<spacedingo> scottidog!

* DrSteggy cheers

<Akrovak> Yay Bobbi!

<algonacchick> yay, Bobbi!

<mewrio> Yeah Bobbi!

<Elvis> yay Bobbi!

<Elvis> ok, that's two for her. enough i think.

<spacedingo> The next award is for Best Fan Artist, original material. The presentation's now up

<algonacchick> hehe

<Carol> Yay Bobi

<algonacchick> *bites nails*

<Carol> *Bobbi

<thatoneguy> She is good with that stuff

<Elvis> BOB ROSS!!

<Elvis> haahahahaha

<algonacchick> hehe, he's on PBS, right?

<anth> he used to be

<DrSteggy> oh the happy trees guy!

<algonacchick> yeah

<anth> he was great

<Elvis> hahahahahaha! that's great!!

<Elvis> we should rename this award the Bob Ross award

<algonacchick> lol

<spacedingo> And the winner is....

<spacedingo> Aron!

<algonacchick> I knew it

* DrSteggy cheers

<DrSteggy> congrats ARon

<Akrovak> yay Aron!

<algonacchick> congrats, Aron!

<Elvis> Congratulations Aron!!

<thatoneguy> yay Aron!

<mewrio> That was the only result I knew before Dingo did

<Carol> Good Show!

<Aron> wow

<Aron> cool1

<mewrio> sorry, I just had to look

<mewrio> Congratulations Aron!

<Aron> hehe thanks!

<spacedingo> And the next award is for best fan creativity topic...the presentation is now up!

* Carol cries herself to sleep j/k

<algonacchick> Patti is a better loser this time around

<DrSteggy> HAHAHAA A Magic card

* Elvis tucks Carol in

<Akrovak> Akrovak is the same loser he always is

<thatoneguy> LOL

<algonacchick> aww

<Akrovak> lol ... it was a joke, Patti

<algonacchick> I know

<spacedingo> Awww, I'm sorry Ak

<Carol> Thanks Dave.

<spacedingo> And the winner is

<algonacchick> but I still felt like sayin aww

<spacedingo> I love this category by the way

<spacedingo> Glad I came up with it

<Aron> magic

<spacedingo> The winner is

<Aron> havnt seen those in forever

<spacedingo> Fun with paint/photoshop!

<DrSteggy> yay!

<algonacchick> yay

<mewrio> yay!

<thatoneguy> yay

<Elvis> yay Paint

<mewrio> ...who started it?

<Carol> Woo!

<spacedingo> The next award is for Most Insightful International member!

<algonacchick> Bobbi, right?

<spacedingo> Mecca I think

* mewrio straightens his tie

<algonacchick> take a deep breath, mewrio

<spacedingo> Presentation going up now

* Carol pantses mewrio

<algonacchick> lol

<mewrio> Well I doubt I'll win, but ya know, it can never hurt to have a straight tie

<mewrio> *no comment about the pantsing thing*

<DrSteggy> straight pants are good too

<spacedingo> :rolleyes:

* Elvis puts on pants

<spacedingo> You know you won, Mewrio

<algonacchick> do you know what it means to be pantsed, mewrio?


<mewrio> Got no idea. Do I really wanna know Patti?

<spacedingo> It means sneaking up from behind someone and pulling their pants down

<Elvis> Congratulations mewrio!

* DrSteggy cheers

<algonacchick> yay, mewrio!

<thatoneguy> Good Job Mewrio!

<Aron> lol

<Carol> Go Mewrio!

<mewrio> I won? I thought he was joking

* Elvis pants mewrio

<Akrovak> yay mewrio!

<thatoneguy> lol

<spacedingo> And now the award for Most Helpful Fan! The presentation is now up!

* mewrio puts his pants on again and wears a belt

*** algonacchick [[email protected]] has joined #weirdal

<algonacchick> oy

<Aron> lol

<algonacchick> I've been going back and forth from here ot teh awards topic, and refreshing the page

<spacedingo> The most helpful fan winner is...

<algonacchick> well, I refreshed mbefore I went back to teh awards topic, and closed teh chat window

<spacedingo> scottidog!

<DrSteggy> yay!

<algonacchick> yay!

<mewrio> Yay Bobbi!

<Akrovak> yay Bobbi

<Elvis> yay Bobbi

<thatoneguy> Yay, Bobbi!

<Carol> Hurray!

<spacedingo> There's one more award left...but before I announce it

<algonacchick> is there an award for most typos? I thinked I've cinched that one

* Elvis bangs head on table

<spacedingo> The next hosts will be iisryan27 and Driew La 27!

<DrSteggy> hey you'll dent the table

<DrSteggy> oh my

<algonacchick> yay

<algonacchick> hehe

<thatoneguy> lol

<DrSteggy> defintely will bring the flame thrower to THAT oe

<Elvis> Go Ryan!!

<DrSteggy> one even

<Elvis> and Driew!

<spacedingo> I actually got votes...to which I say thanks...but shyeah right!!!

<Elvis> i bet Ryan starts working on the next award presentation tomorrow

<Carol> Is this a cause for concern?

<spacedingo> Maybe next next time

<DrSteggy> nah, they like to bust each other's chops

*** iisryan [[email protected]] has joined #weirdal

<DrSteggy> hahahaha

<DrSteggy> well timed Ryan

*** TheMecca [[email protected]] has joined #weirdal

*** mode/#weirdal [+o TheMecca] by ChanServ

<mewrio> Speak of the devil

<Carol> lol Congrats

<TheMecca> eyyyy

<mewrio> LOL

<algonacchick> hi, ryan

<spacedingo> iisryan, you and Driew won the host thing

<Elvis> again! what timing!!

<Aron> computer lag is setting in

<thatoneguy> LOL

<TheMecca> WOO HOO for them

<Aron> NOT good

<TheMecca> Oh wait

<DrSteggy> wb Mecca

<iisryan> Yes!!

<TheMecca> Ryan just came in?

<algonacchick> that sucks, Aron

<spacedingo> Hee!

<TheMecca> Hahahaha

<Aron> if I go poof, Ill be right baclk

<iisryan> Yeah, I just came in

<TheMecca> I thought people WANTED me to host

<spacedingo> I combined iisryan and Driew's votes because they campaigned together

<spacedingo> Anyway

<Elvis> Congratulations Ryan

<algonacchick> yeah, congrats, ryan

<iisryan> Thanks Today has to be the 27th happiest day of my life

<thatoneguy> Hey maybe I could do the theme music for the next one or something

<spacedingo> The final award is....you guessed it....Best Moderator

<TheMecca> Slim Whitman should host

<TheMecca> GASP

<TheMecca> :TENSION!:

<spacedingo> Cool!


* mewrio does a drumroll

<spacedingo> Presentation's up

<iisryan> ELVIS!

* iisryan eats a burrito

<thatoneguy> Go Elvis...Go Elvis...

<TheMecca> ELVIS!

<TheMecca> WHAT'S NEW?

<Elvis> hahaha

<spacedingo> And the winner is.....

<spacedingo> scottidog

<algonacchick> yay!!


<TheMecca> WOO... for her

<Akrovak> yay Bobbi!

<spacedingo> ........BUT!!!!

<TheMecca> Yay Scottidoh

<TheMecca> Scottidog

<DrSteggy> yay!

<mewrio> Yay Bobbi!

<spacedingo> To make Dave and Anth feel better

<Elvis> RECOUNT!!

<algonacchick> but?

<DrSteggy> Sorry Dave!

<iisryan> Congrats, Scottidog. You would've been my second pick

<mewrio> ... but what

<spacedingo> Scotti got 14 votes


<algonacchick> hehe

<iisryan> lol

<Aron> hehe

<Elvis> Just kidding! She deserves it. Congratulations Bobbi!

<spacedingo> It was very close actually

<TheMecca> Who came in second?

<Elvis> I voted for her.

<thatoneguy> Go Scottidog...Go Scottidog...

<iisryan> Elvis

<spacedingo> Anth had 13, Dave had 12

<iisryan> :o

<algonacchick> wow, that was close. then

<mewrio> :oo

<Carol> Woo! Bobbi made a killing.

<DrSteggy> wow VERY close

<TheMecca> 12? And I VOTED for him too. (Just kidding, Anth. I don't remember who I voted for, to be honest.)

<spacedingo> Poor WHiZZi only got 4....what's with you people??

<DrSteggy> well yay, that was fun

<iisryan> Anth beat out Elvis? Aye...I need another burrito

* iisryan eats a burrito

<Elvis> i knew i should have bribed a few more people

<spacedingo> Yes! That concludes the show!

<DrSteggy> I need to go hit the hay...freakin job

<algonacchick> lol

<DrSteggy> night!

<spacedingo> Night!

<algonacchick> night, Jackie

<TheMecca> night

<spacedingo> Thanks everyone for joining in on the fun!

<Akrovak> congrats all you winning people! And awesome presentations, Dingo!!

<TheMecca> That's it?

<algonacchick> thanks, Akrovak

<anth> just got back...in your face, Dave!

<thatoneguy> yeah, that was pretty cool guys

<iisryan> And I'll see all of you in October, come the 4th bi-annual WOWAY Awards

*** TheMecca changed the topic to: Post-awards Plaid Carpet!

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Post by Elvis »

Congratulations to this event, winner of Best WOWAY Interactive Event at the third semi annual WOWAY Awards!

UFLM! Unverified Fan Lives Matter!

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Post by Teh Dingo »

Now that my duties as WOWAY Awards host are officially over (.....*phew*), I have some special thanks I need to hand out before I let go of the mic.

(For creating the posts, and giving me support...as an excuse to not work :P )

(For getting the word out on the ALendar, and hosting the preshow)

(For keeping the votes and putting up with my 4th grade computer skills)

(For creating the WOWAY Awards)

(For the fantastic second WOWAY Awards and what's sure to be a killer 4th awards!)

(Who without helping me out, I wouldn't have known about some of the pics I used :ph34r: Wow...that sounded kind of dirty. Sorry about that)



And of course.....

(For making all this possible!)

Join the fun when iisryan27 and Driew La 27 bring everyone the 4th Semi Annual WOWAY Awards....when they feel like it!)
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Post by Insert Coin(s) to Continue »

Coming this October... :ph34r:

(Click on the FREE button down at the bottom of the page and wait for the download timer to get to zero and then it'll give you a link to the file).

Just a lil' preview for y'all. This time, we have higher framerate, better vocal acting, and, oh yeah, I'm not going to procrastinate until the last minute :P

EDIT: Well, for some reason the stupid URL code isn't working. Here's the manual link :rolleyes:

http://rapidshare.de/files/1389391/Godz ... r.swf.html

[MOD Edit: That's because you coded it wrong. Edited to fix coding.]
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Post by Teh Dingo »

Just can't stand that people actually liked mine, can you? :P
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Post by WeirdDana27 »

i missed the entire voting process?? darnit!
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