WOWAY Awards Show 2015: Chitty-Chatty Bang! Bang!

An annual WOWAY tradition since 1961.

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Re: WOWAY Awards Show 2015: Chitty-Chatty Bang! Bang!

Post by Muppetboy09 »

...Al is wearing a shirt with my design on
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Re: WOWAY Awards Show 2015: Chitty-Chatty Bang! Bang!

Post by mellow weasel »

You gave him this shirt with a picture (paper?) ductaped to it and several months later instead of forgetting that ever happened he's like "I'm wearing this today" :lol: . Incredible :great:
BullMoose wrote:Does he wear it often? Did you mail him one or was Bermuda involved? Does he know about WOWAY O: I'm new to this Woway awards. Gotta do my homework sometime!
As soon as you have time go watch all the videos of woway awards.

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Re: WOWAY Awards Show 2015: Chitty-Chatty Bang! Bang!

Post by BullMoose »

Okay! I did my homework!
Some fantastic segments in there! Makes me wanna do some video editing of my own but... I don't have any material. Maybe in the future.
Congrats to all my new friends who won awards in there o:
Also, dat last episode... who even was that guy? It's cool that Bermuda won but that other guy was... kinda weird.
Seriously, I was smiling the whole way through it once the camera panned over! (of course, I was smiling from the rest of it, so more like BEAMING). Amazing~ :3
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Re: Next WOWAY Awards Discussion

Post by Yankopunk »

Brought to you by insomnia and the lovely, super-talented Alicia's prodding... I bring you Yankopunk's text commentary track of the 2015 WOWAY Awards! (crickets) Thank you for that epic silence! What's that, sir? Someone from the audience is saying something. You'd rather have a root canal on each tooth simultaneously than read another one of my horrible, long posts? Wow... well, for anyone that does read any of this, thank you.

In this, I will rewatch the glorious spectacle and share what thoughts popped into my mind upon my first watch. Are you ready? No? Okay, I'll wait. Just tell me when. Now? Alright!


Mere seconds into this and this is already one of the greatest things I've ever seen in my life. Yes, I put this up with seeing Al in concert, UHF, Back to the Future, all those great comedies and other things I've seen...

This also reminds me so much of stuff I would make when I made videos. It's really hitting home and just making me happy. Thank you so much for that, Alicia. You rock!

Roughly two minutes in... that's quite the haircut. That should become a new thing.

Alicia, did you find all my old tapes or something?! That's totally my bit with the "stunt double" falling down the stairs! Because it's you and you're awesome, I shall let it slide. Reminds me of when I would do stuff like that. Or sometimes, I would have fight scenes or such and randomly replace one of the actors with a double for a few seconds that looked nothing like the original actors. This is bringing back so many memories...

New Mexico. I actually had the chance to go to Albuquerque about 5 years ago, but it fell through. All things considered, wasn't too long of a drive or a flight, so I almost got to go. Does the air smell like warm root beer there? Are the towels oh so fluffy?

Ha! When technology fails, smack the crap out of it! And I totally love everything on that desk and on the wall. Seriously. This is how I wish my room looked. I can only imagine how exciting and fun this was when it first aired. I wish I could've experienced it.

"Boop boop." Hahaha! Hey, a rubber duck and... Sully! Sully is awesome. And yes, this forum and this show is giving meaning to my boring, miserable life. Thanks yet again.

That tape removal hurt me just looking at it. That definitely is a great tacky outfit. Also, very cool stuff on the walls. Everyone has much cooler walls and stuff than I do...

The winner being important? Nah, not at all! Hahaha. Love all the poses as the nominees are read. Oh, come on. Not even a Marvel No Prize? Was the strip of duct tape actually given out?

Ah, more memories. "I'm recording." Don't you hate when that would happen... someone coming in and ruining your work or being nosy? This director's cut is great.

I thought it was a hotel room. Looks like I was right. I laughed a bit at the Red Roof Inn thing. My only experience with Red Roof Inn was many years ago when my family and I were looking for a hotel on vacation. We walked into a Red Roof Inn and immediately walked back out. I'll never forget that stench! Hahaha!

This just really makes me wish that I had taken the plunge long ago and joined this community. I'm actually a bit sad that I missed out on so many things. Let this be a lesson to anyone reading this: take chances even when life hasn't been too kind and things haven't gone well. If all else fails, you can say you tried. You could miss out on some great things.

Aw! Part 1 is over. That just means we are that much closer to the end! Time for part 2. Great titles for these episodes, by the way!


Only on the WOWAY Awards do you see the host having a snack during the show. Breaking down barriers! It also made me smile, for what may sound like a very strange reason. I love seeing a woman eat and enjoy eating. No, I don't mean that in a weird, creepy fetish way. I've just always been surrounded by girls who never seemed to eat or reluctantly ate, and they just always seemed so miserable. So, I love it when a girl actually eats something and enjoys it. Anyway...

$12 for that hotel? Sweet! Hopefully it smelled better than that other Red Roof Inn I mentioned.

I do the same thing with the junk mail, man. I just bring it in from the porch, look through it, and fling the junk mail on the couch. Anyway, I have to say that I just love all this so much, so far. It's just so amazing to see everyone work together and create such a fun experience. I really wish I could've seen all this unfold.

Holy crap, that's a lot of money! And why would you send cash like that?! What?! Vegas?! That better be because there's a great trophy place there, dude.

Ha! Exactly what I thought, Alicia. Yeah, that wasn't a good idea to send all the money... or send it cash for that matter.

I love the helmet. You rock it, Alexis. Love the hockey puck idea, too. Onto part 3!


A video from the skies! Cool! What did everyone think of the video being filmed while the flight was going on? I'm assuming this wasn't a private plane. Then again, maybe it was. That looked like a ton of cash Alicia sent.

Indeed. I've never visited or posted in a place like this before. And yes, you're hilarious. And yes, you bring out the best in everyone, Alicia. That's the mark of a truly wonderful person. You're so really funny, gorgeous, talented, and awesome and it makes me angry because that's so unfair for one person to have all that! GRRR! Can't argue with the mug.

Such an awesome accent. I could listen to such a great accent for ages.

Same here, Alicia. Listen until our brains turn to mush.

LOL at the clips used. This is a pretty cool change-up from the other videos, using this text / slideshow format. Keeping it interesting.

That is an epic suit. Kanye better stay in his seat! He isn't messing around! Aw! I wanted to see the beatdown!


Reminds me of when I would do stand-up. It was fun, but probably the hardest comedy that you can perform. Just you and you alone. If you bomb, nobody to back you up.

I'm loving this. All the great delivery and the reactions. Such a natural at comedy, Amerah. LOL at "ungrateful bastards."

More memories! I remember using the "double" technique a few times. It would always freak out others seeing it. A lot of people thought I had a twin. I love this whole conversation. Epic segment, Amerah.

Dave, what denomination was that bill, and what the hell was the max bet on that machine if you blew it all on one spin?! No trophies? Alicia's going to be pissed. Yep, she is. Almost choked on her snack.

Fun Zone! Yay! Reminds me of getting ready for Al's show. I love that this is a category. Only at WOWAY.

Corny joke, maybe, Alexis, but I love it. And it's awesome that you managed to get The Most Interesting Man in the World to make a cameo!


Dave, you have an awesome beard, by the way. And that food court almost reminds me of the one at the local mall. And hey, how can you afford a taco if you blew all the money?!

Yes, there need to be more award shows on WOWAY. Alicia, you have the best facial expressions, by the way.

Ah, I love this artwork! Seriously, Sailor Polka Moon, you are so freakin' talented! It's just radiating energy. And you're doing all that in one shot. I'm blown away. You have such lovely handwriting, too! Again, more events I wish I had been around for. And the winner is... oh, I love that drawing of Al! And it always makes my heart soar to remember Mandatory Fun hitting Number One!

Yes, that was adorable!

I feel so calm right now. And this is a really cool way to present, through Haikus. If that water drips anymore, I'm going to have to use the bathroom, though. Yes, Sailor Polka Moon did a fantastic job, indeed. I'm in awe of all those who create things for Al, be it videos, fan art, or anything else. I salute you all. I feel like I need to pee now because of that water.

Ha! I'm not the only one that needed to pee! I love all these video clips! What is this song, by the way? (At this point, I paused this so my app could tag it.) The lyrics are great for this video. I can feel the love for Al in it. Isn't it awesome how we can all be fanboys / fangirls here? And yes, Al has something special and he is the one. I just love everything about this video. Reminds me of music videos I would make about various things. And Al often made appearances in said videos. I swear, all the memories of creating that this brings up are just hitting me in the feels. Ha! That ending!


I've always wanted to go to Vegas. It ticks me off that my parents sent my brother there but never did anything like that for me. Anyway...

Again, love that beard. Ha! Making everyone wait! The suspense is terrible... I hope it lasts!

Ha! This is a great performance. The puppets are awesome. I love how everyone came up with such great ideas for their segments. Again, I just love that there's a community of such awesome people who put together something like this. I've always dreamed of having friends that would do stuff like this. I miss that... making stuff with my friends.

That must be the quickest answering of a phone call ever.

LOL at pause for dramatic effect.


I lost it at the pizza instead of revenge line. And more cool stuff on the walls. I really need to redecorate my room. Anyway...

I love those "drumrolls." Another excellent segment.

And only here do you have a host playing PSP during the show! Why couldn't Netflix pony up some cash for trophies, then?

Interesting location for this next category. I think it was that epic beard that put Elvis over the top to win.


I love that the younger members are getting some appreciation, too. I have to applaud that epic burp! Bravo! LOL at that applause! Does everyone follow each other on social media, too? Anyway...

Stupid question, but could everyone really get one of those shirts? This correspondent looks familiar. I lost it at "Jesus Christ." Yay, it's Al, even though he wasn't nominated. Again, reminds me of how I would do "AL TV" style "interviews" with celebrities. Memories...

Hey, that really looks like Al. Speaking of Chris Hardwick, Alicia gets a million points for the use of Yakety Sax and having an epic chase scene! Strange question, but what was being eaten there? Looks like nachos. Looks pretty good. Again, so nice to see a woman actually eat something for a change. Ha! I love Al's sneaky walk! And yes, where the trophy come from?!


Pirate theme! Yeah! I love pirate stuff. My best friend is a huge pirate fan. His birthday is actually on Talk Like a Pirate Day, so he's jazzed about that and it's always easy to remember his birthday. This is an awesome musical performance, by the way. Hahaha! I did not expect that dance number! Sweet moves, too!

That ship looks like it's in someone's house. Must be a nice ship. Huh. Ha! Those messages are great! OMG, that baby is so adorable! That smile at the end! Weasel Stomping Day!

My brain hurts thinking of this recipe and how it must taste. And Alicia takes a huge bite of it. My mind is blown.


These are some really nice graphics in this presentation. It's cool to see little slices of everyone's lives in these profiles. Uh... "I want to lick Bob Odenkirk's forehead"? Eh, you have good taste. Mr. Show was epic. I watched the crap out of that.

Man, Dave's at some really nice locations. Must have been a great trip. Love how everyone mixed it up with their segments.

Ha! Love this segment with the bobbleheads. Wait, is that a Blue Demon figure?! Where did you get that? I love watching those cheesy movies that he and El Santo made. So unintentionally funny.

Actually, that concert concierge thing sounds like fun. Would definitely be an adventure, for sure. Is that Jello?! I wonder if anyone else entered the contest.


Oh, I love all the Al stuff in the background! Epic!

Sucks how life can get in the way, huh? I know it would be tough to leave this place.

You ate it! No! LOL at the "in memoriam" for the cracker. Laughing so much at this segment. Just like Alicia, Amerah is killing it.

This is also one of the greatest things I've ever seen, too. Seriously. Fantastic performances. Great music and vocals. I love everything about this segment. Who wouldn't love having such a beautiful segment in their honor?!

Vinkesh gets major points for having a "Big Gold Belt." Such a beautiful wrestling title. Great segment. Reminds me of those El Santo movies I mentioned. That puppet is epic!


Loved the rocking out to "Creep." And yes, I am watching in full HD.

Hahaha! Loved the Reddit karma and Rolling Stone subscriber lines! This is a really cool idea for presenting this segment.

Billy the Yankochicken is awesome! And I love the theme song!

$2? Spending the big bucks! Ooh, leftover chocolates. And how... gracious that you'll accept said chocolates for the winner. Hahaha. I love the variety of categories in this whole show.


Seriously, yet another "greatest thing I've ever seen." Loved this! How do you come up with this, Alicia?!

Ha! Loved that cut, Dave. Cool that you got the flamingos in the background, too. Indeed, Bing[bot] is always there whenever I log in. Such dedication!

Loved the "travel" segment. And again, such sweet dance moves!

This song segment is great! Must have been great to speculate on the album. Wish I could've been there.

I would've guessed "bread" for the last part of the message, but bacon is good, too.

BERMUDA! Woo hoo! He's got such a nice voice.


I'm feeling a bit uncomfortable now. I thought this was a family show. That music is making me uneasy...

I do love the passion of the Yankochicks. This segment is hilarious! The camera angles, the delivery, everything is great. I'm thankful the winning card came from his shirt and not... somewhere else. That awkward pause and silence at the end was golden!

And the mug is upgraded!

Best WHAT?! Oh, SHIP. Dave, how did you come up with the idea of all these great locations? Great job!

Cool. A mailbag segment! That letter was frightening, indeed. Loved that performance, Alicia! Better than playing the original track! I'm afraid to think what's on those Polaroids. Is there a way to wear a cone-bra in an inappropriate manner, though?

Love the review and the notes. By the way, I looked up the Al Fest that was mentioned and I really wish I had been able to go to that and to many more Al shows and events. Stupid lack of money, depression / anxiety, and other factors! GRRR!

What the hell is that orange stuff?! Yuck! That is NOT adorable!


That MIDI version of Eat It is a nice touch. Love the stage setup, too. LOL at the floating guitar, For Richer or Poorer clips, and all the other backgrounds. So silly, but I lost it at the background that had the Shutterstock logo on it.

Yay! I'll Repair For You! Lost it at the Alicia and Amerah clips! Especially loved the outtakes! More sweet dance moves! Kevin did a great job playing Al, by the way.


I would've loved to see Conan O'Brien! Dang it! I've been a fan of his for such a long time. Lots of memories of staying up late for his show, or setting it to record and watching it the next day. So, have you licked Bob's forehead since then, Alicia? And loved the Uncle Nutzy "hope you enjoy it!" at the end.

What in the world...?! I did not expect to see so many things added to the "greatest things I've ever seen" list. Seriously. Never change. Keep creating, please. You were meant to create. Absolute genius and I'm in awe. I'm not being sarcastic at all, either. I love everything about this.

Dave again! Yeah!



No, don't tell me... don't tell me...

(At this point, I seriously was blown away) AL!!!!! HOLY (EXPLETIVE)!!!!

Can you imagine having Al say your screenname? That's just as great as winning any award.

Congratulations, Bermuda! Let me guess... he's standing right there, isn't he? Why are they in a laundry room, by the way? Anyway...

Ha! Amerah is choosing revenge over pizza, I guess, trying to get the award she feels she deserves.

Wow! Just wow! Can't imagine being part of that segment. Must've been an incredible experience!

I guess all good things must come to an end. Bravo to everyone involved! Just fantastic and I feel so honored to have watched this. I feel sad that I wasn't around to see all these things unfold "live." Life is weird, isn't it? I guess things are meant to happen a certain way for a reason, but it's sad to think about certain points of your life and what could've been.

Anyway, I guess the lack of sleep and the emotion of looking back at this and sharing my thoughts got me all reflective right there. Sorry. And I'm sorry for my boring commentary, but hey, you asked for it! Seriously, though, my commentaries usually suck. I actually had some short films that I made and I had transferred them to DVD a long while back. I thought I would be all fancy and do 5.1 mixes, special features, and audio commentary. Well, my commentary sucked. Hahaha.

Everyone did such a fantastic job. I know it's been a long time since this aired, but all of you should continue to be proud and give yourselves a huge round of applause for just being your wonderful selves and creating both an incredible community and also such a great WOWAY Awards program.

And now we get to our phenomenal host, Alicia. I'd like to say a few words.

Flower. Panagglutinin. Viscosity. Burrito.

Thank you. No, in all seriousness, Alicia needs to take a huge bow for this. And again, in all seriousness, I have a few (well, several, more like it) words for our lovely host. Apologies for any embarrassment or anything bad. Anyway...

Alicia, as you know, I finally finished watching last year's WOWAY Awards, and you did an absolutely incredible job with it! I loved every single second and was sad that it had to end, honestly. I truly cannot imagine anyone else hosting this show but you, and while I'm sure others would do a good job, I think everyone would pale in comparison to you. Seriously. If need be, I will even start a petition / drive to make you the permanent host. You seriously outdid yourself and just blew me away (and no doubt everyone else fortunate enough to watch) and should be incredibly proud of your amazing work.

I know this is about thanking you, but it's not just for the WOWAY Awards. Again, apologies for any embarrassment or anything negative coming from anything I write (bringing anything negative into existence is my biggest fear, as I've often stated). However, as I've shown through sharing what I have and ultimately when it comes to life in general, you have to just let someone know when they're special or have had a great impact, whether on yourself or others.

So, I want to tell you, "Thank you so much for being you, and please keep being you." There's a very good reason why you are one of the top members of this community and such an irreplaceable piece of the heart of this place. As I've said before, I've visited this place many times in the past and after registering, I've also spent a long time just looking through the board and seeing all the great conversations and the wonderful interaction in this place. One thing that's for certain is that this place would not be the same without you, and would be nowhere close to the lovely place it is if you weren't here.

I can also say that you are, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful human beings I've ever seen / met / known in my lifetime. Inside and out. I'm sure you've already heard a million times how gorgeous, funny, creative, enthusiastic, and just all-around wonderful, awesome, amazing, and beautiful you are... but too bad. It'll have to be a million and one. (And by the way, it's totally unfair for someone to just have it all like that! Hahaha. Hey, you can't help that you're awesome.) I see in your posts and your creations such an incredible and special person. Seriously, your words (whether written or spoken) just radiate such warmth, heart, positivity, and passion for everything... they just... they just make you feel good, for lack of better explanation. Your smile is infectious. Your words are heartfelt, thoughtful, hilarious, and so many other positive things. Any photo or video that you post just seems to radiate nothing but pure goodness, beauty and positivity. You bring nothing but good into our lives, and you always will.

You have a spirit that's quite possibly unmatched here. And really, all you do just hits home very hard for me. I don't get to smile much, but you seem to always get me to smile. I smiled and laughed all throughout the awards show. Your spirit just reminds me so much of how I used to be when I created. The show was like something I would have done back when I made videos / films regularly, or like something I would even do nowadays if certain things were different. I remember feeling so free and just feeling something good inside when I would be there setting up the cameras, or filming myself / someone else, watching playback, sitting at the computer or edit bay for the longest time and just painstakingly doing anything I could to transfer the fun and the positive feelings I had within me... into the video itself so that it would hopefully transfer to the viewers. In a way, you show me who / how I wanted to be and hopefully how I would've been if certain things were different. You are the kind of person I wish to be like. And you definitely inspire me to be a better person, both in creating and just being a human being.

You are an absolute natural in performing and creating, especially with comedy. Some people just "have it," and you're one of them. I hope that's something that you're involved with or working on getting involved with, because it would honestly be a shame to not share yourself and your talent with the world. I feel so incredibly fortunate to have met you and see what you've created in my life's travels. I know the others here feel the same way. There's an old saying and I think it applies to you: "Some people come along once in a lifetime, once in a generation, once a decade, once a year, or are just a dime a dozen. And some people just come along ONCE, period." Well, the latter is you. Not the dime a dozen, of course, but the ONCE, just to ensure there's no mistake. Seriously, though, I (and no doubt others here) can't thank you enough for you just being yourself and being part of our lives. You raise my spirits quite a bit just by creating and posting things, and any bit of happiness and positive energy is absolutely life-saving. So thank you. And as if any of this isn't already bothersome or horrible (again, sorry if so), I just want to say that I admire you greatly and consider you a hero of mine. Not just as a performer or a comedian, but just as a human being, too.

Al is so incredibly lucky to have a fan like you, and all of us here are so lucky to have an incredibly wonderful, special, beautiful human being like you among us. I honestly hope that you realize how amazing you are, and how great and positive an impact you've had not just on me, but everyone here as well. My life, and many other lives, are better because you are who you are and do what you do. So, from the bottom of my heart, you have my eternal gratitude. Thank you so much for everything, please keep being you no matter what, and I look forward to seeing you and all that you do. Stay wonderful. Stay amazing. Stay beautiful. Stay Alicia.

Everyone give it up for Alicia!

And once again, in the words of Ellie from The Last of Us, "That's all I got." Good morning, afternoon, or night to you all.
The greatest thing a human being can do is make another person happy. If I can ever help do that for you, just let me know!

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Re: WOWAY Awards Show 2015: Chitty-Chatty Bang! Bang!

Post by OneWAY »

Lol, this was fun to read. Being part of the awards was a lot of fun! I improvised my stuff after I was told what I was presenting. Good times. Good chocolate.
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Re: WOWAY Awards Show 2015: Chitty-Chatty Bang! Bang!

Post by Yankopunk »

OneWAY wrote:Lol, this was fun to read. Being part of the awards was a lot of fun! I improvised my stuff after I was told what I was presenting. Good times. Good chocolate.
Thank you! :)

I can only imagine how fun it must've been. Loved your stuff, too. I love seeing people improv. :)
The greatest thing a human being can do is make another person happy. If I can ever help do that for you, just let me know!

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