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Mystik Tomato
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Post by Mystik Tomato »

I have less of a life than you!

Sever your leg, please. It's the greatest day.

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Post by KnottyEmily »

I don't know, I was browsing WOWAY for a good 10 hours yesterday
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Thanks, Patti!
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Post by algonacchick »

That may be true of both of you, but who has the most posts here?


Thanks for nominating me for Most Likely to Be Surfing WOWAY. As the current title holder, I am honored that I was considered once again.

Oh, and you can nominate me for Best Artist-Original Material, for the two new cookies I created this year:

White and Nerdy

Straight Outta Lynwood
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So awesome!

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Teh Dingo
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Post by Teh Dingo »

Well with everyone panhandling for nominations, I'd like to anti-beg for a nom.

I would like to ask if I not be nominated fo Funniest Member. It's been kind of embarrassing winning it every time, and I think we desperatly need some new blood for the award *cough*Ak*cough*

Also, in a non-cocky sounding take on things, I had a pretty crappy year, so I haven't been exactly a fun person to be around most of the time :)

Of course, anything else people see fit for nominating me for, like oh say for a certain game I've been running, that'd still be cool 8)
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Well, Well, Well
Bob Rozga
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Post by Well, Well, Well »

KnottyEmily @ Dec 20 2006, 05:06 AM wrote: I don't know, I was browsing WOWAY for a good 10 hours yesterday
That's nothing.
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Big Spoon
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Post by Big Spoon »

One quick question. I'm nominated for best avatar (non-photo.) I don't need to change my avatar back to the year-round avatar, right?
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Post by Kevbo1987 »

Could we create a category called "The Most Mediocre Member Award"? :P I definitely think I could have a lock on that one.
Oh by the way, I've cracked the code.

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Post by Kristine »

Will there be a catagory for Best Fan Artist (Multimedia)?

I've done work in computer colored drawings (like the December wallpaper),
I filmed the clips for the fans-only video (acting is an art, and so is videography),
and I create a lot of avatars... so yeah.
Oh, I also made that "homemade music video" for Everything You Know Is Wrong.
And how about my documentary-type video from the signing in Hollywood?
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Post by Insert Coin(s) to Continue »

The December wallpaper and avatars would fit into one of the other Best Fan Artist categories, but your videos would certainly warrant a category of their own, although I don't know just how much competition you'd have this time around.
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Well, Well, Well
Bob Rozga
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Post by Well, Well, Well »

Whatever category your Christmas card fits into will be getting my vote--I hope there is one. But I can't nominate it as your avatar, because it just isn't the same without the weasel in the window. :D
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