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Post by Elvis »

Thank you to everyone who voted for me for Best Moderator and WOWAY Member Most Likely To Have Al Sniff His / Her Blouse During A Future Concert While He Is Performing "Do I Creep You Out?". I am truly honored. ^_^

Also, thanks for the surprise vote for Next WOWAY Awards Host. I'll be sure to brush up on my Japanese before the next ceremony!! ;)

Congratulations to all the winners and all the nominees. I waited a long time to cast my votes mainly because the competion was so tough, it was hard to pick just one. I'll try to get everyone's awards under their name over the next few days. Don't forget, you can showcase your own awards in your profile. Also, an extra special thanks to Akrovak for hosting a great WOWAY Awards!! :bigups:

The unofficial transcript from the chat room pre-show will follow in the next post, slightly edited for, uh.. time. :ph34r:

UFLM! Unverified Fan Lives Matter!

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Post by Elvis »

transcript wrote: *** Elvis [[email protected]] has joined #weirdal
*** mode/#weirdal [+nt] by aurora.madeo.nl
*** @Elvis
*** Channel created on Wed Feb 28 03:03:56 2007
*** No topic set
*** Elvis changed the topic to: WOWAY Awards pre-show
*** iisryan [[email protected]] has joined #weirdal
<iisryan> Hey, Elvis
<Elvis> yo dog
<iisryan> So we have the Awards coming up in less than an hour and nobody here. Great...
<Elvis> what did you do qith Coin(S)?
<Elvis> with
<iisryan> The chatroom wouldn't allow spaces or parentheses
<iisryan> So I'm dusting off this old name
<Elvis> ok
<iisryan> Let me try something...I'll be right back...
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*** bacardi151 [[email protected]] has joined #weirdal
<bacardi151> who is gonna win?
<Elvis> hey baccardi, did you bring enough for everyone?
<bacardi151> just for the winners circle
<Elvis> excellent!
<bacardi151> my money's on forest whitaker and helen mirren
<Elvis> i'll take kate winslet
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*** user-029 [[email protected]] has joined #weirdal
<bacardi151> i think weird al is going to win a lot of awards
*** iisryan [[email protected]] has joined #weirdal
<iisryan> Hmm...I'm trying to get in with Trillian
<bacardi151> to make up for the grammys
<Elvis> hey user-029.  what happened to #1-28?
<bacardi151> stage fright
<user-029> I don't know 
<user-029> <<weird_el
<bacardi151> iisryan is WASTED
<Elvis> i knew we shouldn't have let him have that second martini
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*** iisryan_ [[email protected]] has joined #weirdal
<iisryan_> Alright, great, I'm here
*** iisryan_ is now known as iisryan
<bacardi151> can you walk a straight line?
<iisryan> I never could
<user-029> how do I change my user name?
<iisryan> Enter /name whatever
<bacardi151> so what do you think of the fashion so far? who's hot, and who's not
<Elvis> i'm hot.  maybe i'll open the window a little
<bacardi151> m3m3m3s is looking great in that red strapless dress this evening
<iisryan> That's not a dress
<bacardi151> Kristine is totally last year's style however
<Elvis> but i like what she did with her hair
*** Als27fan [[email protected]] has joined #weirdal
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<Elvis> hey Als27fan
*** weird_el [[email protected]] has joined #weirdal
<Als27fan> Hey!
<weird_el> now I'm me
<iisryan> Who is Bacardi?
<bacardi151> tmbjon
<iisryan> ok
<bacardi151> i dont even like 151
<Elvis> i hate 151!  what a stupid number!!
<bacardi151> i should be writing an 8 page paper on disaster politics
<weird_el> like fema?
<bacardi151> yeah but less interesting
*** user-419 [[email protected]] has joined #weirdal
<user-419> BOOYAH
*** user-419 is now known as DrSteggy
<iisryan> Hey Steggy
<DrSteggy> holas Ryan
<Elvis> HELLO
<weird_el> holasa
<DrSteggy> Hello El and HI DAVE
<DrSteggy> what's with the shouting?
<Elvis> I'm not Dave, I'm Tony Danza
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*** TMBJon [[email protected]] has joined #weirdal
<iisryan> lol, anyone can be Tony Danza if they believe hard enough
<DrSteggy> :P
<weird_el> i dont believe in tony danza
*** LN3000 [[email protected]] has joined #weirdal
<Elvis> haha
<iisryan> Speak of the devil
<Elvis> hey LN3000
<LN3000> Who? Me?
<LN3000> Hello everyone.
<LN3000> I hope I'm welcome.
<Elvis> no, the guy with the neon sign
<TMBJon> ;-)
<TMBJon> looks like Diddy is arriving in a three story stretch limo
<LN3000> OMG!!
<TMBJon> a lot of insiders expect Diddy to sweep this years WOWAYs
<iisryan> Who invited him?
<LN3000> hahahahqa
<iisryan> He'll have a new name by the end of the show
<DrSteggy> IS he aware his parody was like 8 years ago?
*** weirdalfan95 [[email protected]] has joined #weirdal
<LN3000> ha!!!
<LN3000> hey WAF95
<Elvis> Hey weirdalfan95
<weirdalfan95> hey
<TMBJon> DrSteggy i think youre confused, that was Puffy you're thinking of. weird al has never parodied "Diddy" before
<Elvis> have you met Als27fan?
<Als27fan> Hey, WAF
<LN3000> hahaha
<Elvis> I'm gonna see if I'm smarter thn a 5th grader
<weirdalfan95> haha
<Elvis> I'm still here though...
<weirdalfan95> I'm a sixth grader... and chances are I'm smarter than you XP
<DrSteggy> I think I'm going to bed
<weird_el> me too :)
<LN3000> good night
<iisryan> Before the Awards?
<DrSteggy> yes
<DrSteggy> bye
<LN3000> bummer.
<iisryan> Aww, you'll miss all the fun
<Elvis> where ya going?
<Als27fan> G'night
<LN3000> Tony Danza says goodnight, too
<Elvis> did you get my message?
<iisryan> Don't start that again
<LN3000> :)
<DrSteggy> what message?
<Elvis> the one I sent you
<iisryan> lol
<DrSteggy> where?  Email, AIM, Myspace,, WOWAY?
<LN3000> yes
<LN3000> one of those
<Elvis> at the top of the page
<LN3000> I assume
<DrSteggy> Apparently not, I"m on a differnet platform than you, and sometimes things get formatted oddly
<Elvis> click on my name
<Elvis> at the top
<DrSteggy> that might be happening here
<TMBJon> Rubén is now arriving at the red carpet in... what looks to be... a VW Bug
<TMBJon> very classy
<DrSteggy> I see a little green tag next to your name, I assumed that meant you were an op
<Elvis> what color?
<weird_el> stunning in his donna karan gown
<iisryan> ...green?
<DrSteggy> nothing happens when I click
<Elvis> i was talking about the VW!
<TMBJon> that's green as well
<Elvis> classy
<LN3000> I love green
<LN3000> that's not really relevent, sorry
<TMBJon> neon green?
<Elvis> puke green
<LN3000> Emerald green, I guess.
<iisryan> If you're puking emeralds
<LN3000> oh please... :)
<LN3000> pictures don't work?
<weird_el> <<watching 5th graders
<LN3000> haha
<LN3000> that's creepy
<iisryan> She wasn't talking about you
<iisryan> ;)
<LN3000> sorry!
<Elvis> false!
<iisryan> :P
<LN3000> I'm not a 5th grader.
<LN3000> Although on occasion I like to act like one.
<weird_el> neither am i
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*** weirdalfan95 [[email protected]] has joined #weirdal
<LN3000> welcome back!
<weirdalfan95> heh, thanks... my internets died a few minutes ago
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*** Poptronixx [[email protected]] has joined #weirdal
<LN3000> Welcome PoppaT
*** user-504 [[email protected]] has joined #weirdal
<Elvis> hey Poptronixx
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*** M3m3s3 [[email protected]] has joined #weirdal
<weird_el> i really dont like the overdrawn out drama of primetime game shows
<weirdalfan95> Welcome, Poppintroxxx
<Poptronixx> Hello everyone!
<Als27fan> Hey there
<TMBJon> heyooooo
<TMBJon> whats up, meliss
*** LN3000 [[email protected]] has joined #weirdal
<Elvis> ey Dod!
<Poptronixx> Hello, Hello!
<iisryan> Hey Melissa
<M3m3s3> Hello!
<LN3000> Oops, I accidentally pressed the backspace button..
<Elvis> lovely strapless red dress
<LN3000> Hey Melissa!
<Poptronixx> Hello Dave!
<M3m3s3> So I've heard!
<M3m3s3> It's a Versace.
<TMBJon> custom made?
<M3m3s3> Of course
<Elvis> i was talking about Ryan
<TMBJon> wonderful
<M3m3s3> LOL
<LN3000> Oh? Well, the only thing new I'm wearing is my PeeWee Herman Bowtie.....
<TMBJon> can anyone tell who that is arriving in the helicopter?
*** gtrmu [[email protected]] has joined #weirdal
<iisryan> lol
*** LN3000 [[email protected]] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC]
<Elvis> serge!
*** LN3000 [[email protected]] has joined #weirdal
<gtrmu> ok why was i pulled from my game of tom clancy's rainbow six? lol
<LN3000> It's gtrmu!
<TMBJon> whats up serge
<TMBJon> this is truly a great red carpet special
<TMBJon> no rivers sisters
<iisryan> brb
<Elvis> who's wearing the red carpet?
<weird_el> idiot idiot idiot  re: tv guy
<LN3000> That would be me... sorry
<TMBJon> i guess they arent actually sisters, but they might as well be
<LN3000> I made a mess, and I was hiding it..
<M3m3s3> Joan & Melisa are mother & daughter.
<TMBJon> indeed
<M3m3s3> And I just spellde my own name wrong. LOL
<Elvis> i agree el, where did they find these people?
<TMBJon> more of an absent-minded thing than not knowing
<LN3000> We all do that sometimes..
<LN3000> Like I accidentally call myself Ellan3000
<TMBJon> neon sign
*** Aron [[email protected]] has joined #weirdal
<M3m3s3> Welcome, Aron!
<Aron> Ello
<Aron> whew, I barely made it in time
<Elvis> Aron!
<Poptronixx> Hello!
<LN3000> I don't have any neon signs for you, sorry
<Als27fan> Hey, Aron
<LN3000> Aron! Now the part begins!
<weirdalfan95> Hey there, Aron!
* Elvis gives everyone neon signs
<TMBJon> thanks!
* iisryan eats a burrito
<Elvis> i'm trying to buy your votes
<LN3000> Thanks, I needed something to cover up that whole in the wall...
<weirdalfan95> Ooh, Dave... why do they say in giant letters, "VOT FOR DAVE!"?
<iisryan> VOT?
<weirdalfan95> erm, Vote....
<TMBJon> the E mustve burnt out
<LN3000> I don't have a Velvet Elvis...
<Elvis> i misspelled VOTE.  Dang it!!
<TMBJon> its kind of flickering
<M3m3s3> He got them on sale
<Elvis> 3 for a dollar
<TMBJon> my sign reads "GIRLS! GIRLS! GIRLS!"
<weirdalfan95> wow, nice deal
<weird_el> I dont think this is a show i'll watch regularly
<Aron> Mine says "LADIES HOUR"
<gtrmu> mine says "gtrmu vs. ln3000 for best feud!"
<Aron> ....why does it say Ladies Hour?
<M3m3s3> My signs say "Vote for Melissa, Scratch & Sniff"
<LN3000> oooh..
<weirdalfan95> Mine says "Accordion playing fools only". I guess all of you have to leave :P
<LN3000> nice sign, serge!
<Aron> Im a fool AND I play the accordion
<weirdalfan95> argh
<weirdalfan95> Well, I'm one too
<Aron> Sir, I challenge you to a DUEL!
<TMBJon> best feud is totally a category we should do next year btw
<LN3000> I played the accordion twice...
<gtrmu> it used to be around
*** BarneySlayer [[email protected]] has joined #weirdal
<LN3000> But my grandmother took it from me..
<weirdalfan95> K, Aron, lemme grab my ax and let's BATTLE!
<gtrmu> guess no one wanted it this year
<Aron> battle to the death!
<Aron> or till someone wins
<Aron> whatever happens first
<LN3000> Hey Mr. Slayer!
<BarneySlayer> hey, Lame Name
* weirdalfan95 Polkas
<Elvis> hey Barney
<BarneySlayer> hey Elvis
<Elvis> you're just in time for the feud
<Elvis> i mean duel
<weird_el> who do I get to shoot
<Aron> It's a FUEL
* gtrmu paints a target sign on LN3000's back
<gtrmu> shoot the target
<gtrmu> :-P
<weirdalfan95> Can I launch my accordion at it?
<Elvis> we're going quail hunting, someone call the VP
*** user-957 [[email protected]] has joined #weirdal
<Aron> can I throw weirdalfan95's accordion at it?
<Poptronixx> Hi Barney!
<BarneySlayer> hey
<Elvis> hwy user-957
*** user-957 [[email protected]] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC]
<Aron> mmmm nothing like the fine dining for such a lovely event....
<Aron> SHAKE AND BAKE! wooooo!
*** WellWellWell [[email protected]] has joined #weirdal
<TMBJon> here comes the limo everyone's been waiting for
<LN3000> Hey 3 Well
<Aron> the one with the booze?
<BarneySlayer> Hery, Wellx3
<Poptronixx> Hi Well Well Well!
<Elvis> Hey Well Well Well
*** spacedingo [[email protected]] has joined #weirdal
<M3m3s3> Hey there, Phyllis!
<WellWellWell> no commas in here, I guess
<TMBJon> Bacardi151 was completed by just me, dave, and ryan
<Aron> Well well, well well well
<TMBJon> whats up WWW
*** LN3000 [[email protected]] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF)]
* Elvis gives everyone free commas
<TMBJon> hey spaceD
<Elvis> hi spacedingo!
*** dumb_n00b [[email protected]] has joined #weirdal
<spacedingo> Whoa.  It works.  Hello party peoples
<Als27fan> Hey, spacedingo!
<TMBJon> , , ,
<weirdalfan95> Hey, DN!
<Als27fan> And DNFA!
<BarneySlayer> Hey, spacedingo
<M3m3s3> Dingo!!!
<Aron> yay! people!
<TMBJon> sup n00b
*** LN3000 [[email protected]] has joined #weirdal
<dumb_n00b> Hay all you pigs and virgins!
<LN3000> Hey dingo!
<LN3000> Hey n00b
<M3m3s3> I thought you'd be sleeping. ;P
<Elvis> hey dumb noob
<gtrmu> well i'm not a pig or a virgin.........
<LN3000> I keep hitting the back button on accident
<spacedingo> Yeah.  I like sleep
<TMBJon> HEY! You must be one or the other
<Poptronixx> Hi spacedingo and LN3000 !
<Elvis> you like sheep?
<dumb_n00b> I love sheep!
<Elvis> weirdo
<spacedingo> I'm one.  Figure out which  :op
<dumb_n00b> Oink?
<LN3000> PIG!
<spacedingo> Heh heh
<TMBJon> i'll concurr
<TMBJon> concur*
*** BarneySlayer [[email protected]] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF)]
<spacedingo> So there's like some thing happening tonight?
<TMBJon> supposedly
*** BarneySlayer [[email protected]] has joined #weirdal
<LN3000> I don't know what I am...
<dumb_n00b> I'm not a pig
<BarneySlayer> i lost internet there for a second
<dumb_n00b> But I didn't say hello to myself anyway
<Elvis> yep, gtrmu's gonna announce his plans to run for president
<dumb_n00b> Hi, dumb_n00b!
<spacedingo> Sweet
<BarneySlayer> is there gonna b a transcript of this posted afterwards?
<dumb_n00b> Is he really? Sweet...
<TMBJon> if he doesnt get drowned out by the orchestra
<dumb_n00b> But we don't want the liters to see it! Oh, wait, this isn't fark
<dumb_n00b> I keep forgetting
<gtrmu> yep, i'm running for president..........of the ringo starr fan club. meetings every thursday in my basement
<dumb_n00b> I'll come
<LN3000> hahaha
<Elvis> i could post a transcript... i suppose
<spacedingo> I'd like to thank the Academy...because I'm not hosting tonight
<LN3000> I thought Ringo was your 3rd favorite?
<Elvis> i might have to censor the early comments.  :P
<dumb_n00b> Paul is my 4th favorite
<gtrmu> he is
<TMBJon> haha neon
<LN3000> the ones about me?
<dumb_n00b> But he's dead, so what do I know?
<Elvis> Paul is my fifth favorite
<spacedingo> Oh man....stuff that needs to be censored.  I showed up at the wrong time
<dumb_n00b> cranberry sauce
<TMBJon> theres no reason to transcribe this chat, nothing really happened did it?
<dumb_n00b> Did you know that you can swear if you put d c BOLD OFF d c in some chatrooms in the middle of the word?
*** LN3000 [[email protected]] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF)]
*** LN3000 [[email protected]] has joined #weirdal
<dumb_n00b> Without any spaces, of course
<Elvis> this is not the chat you are looking for.  move along
<LN3000> Who keeps booting me?
<dumb_n00b> Nor the droids
<LN3000> Where's Ak?!?!? We should begin..
<TMBJon> your own backspace key
<Aron> hehe
<TMBJon> he's backstage with a glass of water
<dumb_n00b> It hates the wii
<gtrmu> everyone hates the Wii............:P
<LN3000> ....
<Elvis> he;s arriving fashionably late
<dumb_n00b> The backspace key prefers Xbox 360
<LN3000> watch it..
<iisryan> And who can blame it?
<dumb_n00b> I am, it's not moving
<BarneySlayer> Technicly, the awards don't begin for another couple of secounds, so Ak isn't late yet
<weirdalfan95> but XBox 360s aren't anything but an XBox spinning 360 degrees
<dumb_n00b> I haven't made any mistakes
<BarneySlayer> but now he is
<TMBJon> the awards are in-forum, right?
<spacedingo> Ak get your AKButt in here
<iisryan> What do you mean?
<dumb_n00b> Then why are we here?
<weird_el> seat filling
<TMBJon> the awards have started
<dumb_n00b> oh
<BarneySlayer> :D
<gtrmu> honestly, i played the wii today when i was waiting for my baseball game, didn't really appeal to me
<iisryan> Hey, I won something!
<Elvis> oh post
<iisryan> Sort of
<dumb_n00b> Oh my gawed
<iisryan> I tied for Best Parodist :-D
<BarneySlayer> yay, i won best non-spoiler
<dumb_n00b> *looks*
<BarneySlayer> all right
<LN3000> Well, I already knew I wasn't funny, so it's ok.
<iisryan> Congrats to Elvis on his award
<TMBJon> nice i won!
<spacedingo> Ha ha, Like anyone would ever consider me helpful
<LN3000> congrats everyone who won!
<M3m3s3> Did I miss something?
<TMBJon> my first WOWAY Award
<spacedingo> I feel pity for people who find me helpful
<LN3000> the awards were posted in the forum
<BarneySlayer> when will the titles be posted below our names?
<Poptronixx> Is the awards starting here of  the forum ?
<iisryan> These are my first Awards for 1 1/2 years
<dumb_n00b> Yays I won TWO AWARDZ
<LN3000> yup, congrate
<spacedingo> I want my new title to be WOWAY Award Hall of Famer
<weird_el> congrats to happy steve
<dumb_n00b> Congrats everyone
<dumb_n00b> Especially me :-P
<M3m3s3> Congrats, Dave. You were a worthy competitor!
<Poptronixx> I mean Is the awards starting here or  the forum ?
<iisryan> Wow ... I don't know what to say about that next host catergory
<M3m3s3> My blouse will go un-sniffed.
*** stupidhippie [[email protected]] has joined #weirdal
<Elvis> Congrats Jon, Aron, Bob, Noob, Ryan, and Barney!!
<Aron> wwoooaahhhhh
<TMBJon> that was sweet
<BarneySlayer> the awards have been posted on the forum
<dumb_n00b> Condolences to everyone who didn't win anythingz
<BarneySlayer> Thanks, Elvis
* Elvis sniffs M3m3s3's blouse
<stupidhippie> Hey there everybody.  The stupid has arrived.
<dumb_n00b> Awww..
<Als27fan> Congrats, everyone!
<spacedingo> I voted for you Melissa
<gtrmu> i wish i would get nominated for something
<dumb_n00b> That's the sweetest thing I ever saw
<TMBJon> so now i get a "Best Post" thing on my name?
<Elvis> hey hippie
*** weird_el [[email protected]] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF)]
<spacedingo> Hello peple who just arrived
<Elvis> oh yeah, i guess i need to do that, huh
<BarneySlayer> the mods add it on soon
<M3m3s3> Thanks Dave.
<WellWellWell> who voted me to host? thanks
<M3m3s3> Thanks, Dingo.
<stupidhippie> What awards have been given out?
<spacedingo> All of them
<BarneySlayer> yep, check the offical thread
<spacedingo> Ak made my ceremony look good
<iisryan> lol
<Elvis> it was a quick ceremony
<stupidhippie> Oh
<dumb_n00b> Very
<BarneySlayer> yeah
<LN3000> And if they release ANOTHER Xbox, it will be the 720?!?!
<weirdalfan95> haha @gtrmu
<dumb_n00b> luls
<TMBJon> or 361
<weirdalfan95> yeah
<dumb_n00b> How bout the Wii Bi?
<Elvis> all winners get free wii's
<BarneySlayer> i was expecting it to take a little longer than that
<dumb_n00b> Oh my gawd
<LN3000> How unique of a name..
<dumb_n00b> Do I get two wiis?
<LN3000> haha
<gtrmu> someone actually wrote into game informer last month and pointed that out
<Elvis> yeah, you can have LN3000s
<Elvis> :P
<dumb_n00b> Thank you Elvis
<dumb_n00b> :D
<LN3000> no, you can not have mine..
<LN3000> I love mine.
<stupidhippie> when did they start?
<dumb_n00b> Yeah, I can, the admin said so
<LN3000> everyday.
<gtrmu> just don't touch my 360
<dumb_n00b> That's gross
<TMBJon> i wouldnt want LN3000
<LN3000> no one wants your 360
<TMBJon> 's wii for a multitude of reasons
<BarneySlayer> they were posted at 7:00
<dumb_n00b> That's true, Jon
<dumb_n00b> But I can sell it on eBay
<TMBJon> wiiBay
<dumb_n00b> And make teh megabenjaminz
<dumb_n00b> Oh, right
<gtrmu> well adrian might if his broke, which reminds me, he owes me a vinkesh vs. vinkesh match...........
<spacedingo> When I was your age, we had no WOWAY awards
<stupidhippie> oh, I was at my daughters show.
* Elvis puts on a blouse
<LN3000> not trying to start anything (again)  but everyone needs to give the Wii a shot at least once..
<Poptronixx> Congrats to everyone who won ! Well done Dave!
<M3m3s3> Jenni, there was never a formal ceremony. Ak just posted the winners.
<Aron> Woah
<stupidhippie> ok
<Aron> now I can step down--- 4 times will be my limit
<gtrmu> i gave the wii a shot, didn't like it, so i won't be playing it
<dumb_n00b> CM didn't show up, it's a shame
<spacedingo> *takes blackmail pics of Dave*
<TMBJon> ok i have to get back to that paper
<TMBJon> ill talk to you all later, have a great evening
<spacedingo> Never can have enough of those
<LN3000> Well, you are .... unique.. :)
<Elvis> adios ameba
<spacedingo> Buh vye
<dumb_n00b> Amoeba?
<TMBJon> and thanks to whoever voted for me
<BarneySlayer> See you later, John
<dumb_n00b> Byebye
<LN3000> ameba?
<BarneySlayer> and n00b
<Aron> Thankies!
<LN3000> spelled wrong.
<gtrmu> also tried the ps3 and didn't like it
<dumb_n00b> Huh?
<gtrmu> i STILL can't believe they didn't put in the rumble in the controller
<dumb_n00b> I'm not going ANYWHERE
<Als27fan> See ya, Jon
*** TMBJon [[email protected]] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF)]
<LN3000> anyway, bye everyone.
<iisryan> I'd better get to my homework, too. It was fun tonight...kind of :P Thanks for the votes. I lvoe you all.
<dumb_n00b> I'm just SITTING HERE
<dumb_n00b> ALL NIGHT LONG
<dumb_n00b> I spent 4 hours on homework already
*** iisryan left #weirdal []
<LN3000> see ya
<dumb_n00b> I need to get back to it, however
<BarneySlayer> Has anyone ever looked at a ps3 next to a wii?
<dumb_n00b> Seeya peoples
<BarneySlayer> its almost funny
<Als27fan> *waves*
<LN3000> Yeah, Wii looks whiter and smaller and better
<BarneySlayer> Yes
<BarneySlayer> the Wii is was better
<M3m3s3> Well, that was anti-climactic.
<BarneySlayer> *way
<BarneySlayer> I know
<dumb_n00b> Hey, someone, kick WAF95
<Elvis> hey  Bob, we gwt to cohost the next awards together!
<gtrmu> the wii is better than the ps3, but the 360 dominates them both
<dumb_n00b> He got disconnected and can't reconnect
<LN3000> I guess now I have someone on WOWAY to talk to..
<LN3000> but I disagree with gtrmu
<dumb_n00b> Who would have thunk it?
<M3m3s3> Talk to you all later.
<gtrmu> well you're entitled to your opinion and i'm entitled to mine,
<LN3000> the xbox  360 has more issues than it's worht.
<LN3000> :)
<spacedingo> Night Melissa
<Elvis> good night
<dumb_n00b> Buhbye
*** M3m3s3 [[email protected]] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF)]
<gtrmu> althought you have to agree with me that nintendo has always been a bit behind
<WellWellWell> has their ever been co-hosts before?
<dumb_n00b> I think so....
<Elvis> me and ryan
<spacedingo> Kind of
<LN3000> I don't agree with that.
<Elvis> ryan and drew
<gtrmu> when everyone else switched to the cd format, nintendo stuck with cartridges,
<spacedingo> Dave *alledgedly* co host with Ryan
<Elvis> shh... :P
<spacedingo> But he didn't really do anything
<spacedingo> :op
<Elvis> i had to learn japanese for that!
<Aron> CDs scratch--- cartridges stay good
<gtrmu> when they finally switched to cd's, they were the tiny kind, and the other systems bought in dvd playing capabilities,
<LN3000> OOOHH DVD!!
<gtrmu> now they finally switched to regular cd's, but it can't play dvd's
<dumb_n00b> Can we save this for Gary guys?
<LN3000> that's why I have a DVD player
<dumb_n00b> XD
<spacedingo> I'm a casual gamer, so I don't get into the console arguments
*** algonacchick [[email protected]] has joined #weirdal
<LN3000> you don't need a game system to play DVDs
<gtrmu> like i said, you're entitled to your opinions, i'm entitled to mine. you prefer the wii, i prefer the 360
<BarneySlayer> You can ues a DVD player
<dumb_n00b> Does anyone here have kicking abilities?
<Als27fan> Hey, Patti
<dumb_n00b> WAF95 is still stuck
<BarneySlayer> but look at the 360 next to the wii
<spacedingo> I'm holding off on getting a nextgen for as long as possible
<WellWellWell> Patti, congrats on the "surfing" award
<BarneySlayer> The 360 is huge
<spacedingo> Hey Patti
<BarneySlayer> the wii is small
<LN3000> hahaha
<gtrmu> though i'm interested in seeing how wwe games would work on that thing
<BarneySlayer> and it still works
<dumb_n00b> You have a small Wii, LN
<Poptronixx> Hi Patti and congrats !
<dumb_n00b> TREATED!
<algonacchick> Hi
<LN3000> and the Wii is also kinder to the environment..
<LN3000> thanks, n00b
<BarneySlayer> ¥esh
*** weirdalfan95 was kicked from #weirdal by Elvis [weirdalfan95]
<dumb_n00b> You're very welcome
<algonacchick> thanks, Poptronixx. I guess winning two out of five awards isn't bad
<LN3000> I don't like wwe games, so I'm fine.
<gtrmu> hey you have your reasons for liking the wii, i have mine for liking the 360, and we're both entitled to them
<dumb_n00b> Now everyone knows why I didn't marry you this afternoon, LN
<dumb_n00b> ;))
*** NerdyNyara27 [[email protected]] has joined #weirdal
<LN3000> Hey!!
<dumb_n00b> Welcome Nyara
<algonacchick> Hi, Lauren
<NerdyNyara27> Hey everyone!
<Als27fan> Hey there
<LN3000> That's personal..
<spacedingo> Hewwo
<dumb_n00b> Very
<BarneySlayer> Hey
<spacedingo> It's not so much I lost Funniest Member, it's that I lost it to Ak.  Where's that guy get off?
<Aron> LMAO
<algonacchick> aww, don't feel bad, dingo
<BarneySlayer> is a transcript of thi going to be posted later on>
<BarneySlayer> *>
<NerdyNyara27> So how did the awards go? I only just got on :(
<BarneySlayer> *?
<dumb_n00b> It better not be
<spacedingo> Of course I don't Patti, I wasn't even nominated for it  :oD
<Poptronixx> hello NerdyNyara27!
<BarneySlayer> the list of winnder was posted on the forum
<NerdyNyara27> Oh ok, thanks
<dumb_n00b> Winnders PWNS the Mac
<spacedingo> But still...Ak?  C'mon!  Seriously!
<BarneySlayer> No problem
<algonacchick> I kinda can claim winning a third award, since that coin avvie thing one, and I made a coin avvie
<gtrmu> at least LN and i can agree on the fact that the beatles are gods of music
<algonacchick> won
<LN3000> I actually think Macs have more potential.
<dumb_n00b> Well, then I won three awards too
<dumb_n00b> So there!
<dumb_n00b> :-P
<BarneySlayer> Macs are way better than windows
<NerdyNyara27> Cool
<algonacchick> ther ya go!
<LN3000> hahaha, yes, serge..
<algonacchick> there
<spacedingo> I didn't even do a coins avvie!
<NerdyNyara27> Me neither
<algonacchick> aww
<dumb_n00b> I didn't say Windows
<BarneySlayer> Me neither
<spacedingo> I don't even know why I come here anymore
<dumb_n00b> I said Winnders!
<LN3000> Well, you are gifted..
<BarneySlayer> Macs are the overall best computers than
<NerdyNyara27> Anyway, I have to go... bye all! *waves*
<dumb_n00b> And Winnders pwns EVERYTHING
<spacedingo> Bye
<algonacchick> you come here because we love you, Dingo
<Elvis> i'll post the transcipt
<dumb_n00b> It's like Dynamite in Rock, Paper, Scissors
<dumb_n00b> byes
<spacedingo> Awww
<algonacchick> bye
<BarneySlayer> I've gotta go eat dinner
<Poptronixx> bye
<WellWellWell> half of the transcript wil be Wii discussion
<dumb_n00b> seeya
<BarneySlayer> bye
<dumb_n00b> It's sad
*** NerdyNyara27 left #weirdal []
<dumb_n00b> * cries
*** BarneySlayer [[email protected]] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF)]
<Als27fan> See ya
<Elvis> i'll edit out the wii talk.  :p
<spacedingo> Blame Ak
<gtrmu> personally i prefer roach, foot, nuclear bomb
<spacedingo> He didn't even have the good sense to show up
<algonacchick> thanks, Dave
<LN3000> oh noes
<dumb_n00b> How exactly does a roach pwn a nuclear bomb?
<LN3000> haha..
<dumb_n00b> Except in Men In Black of course
<LN3000> at least only a Wii bit..
<gtrmu> foot destroys the roach, nuclear bomb destroys foot, roach survives nuclear bomb
<WellWellWell> he did post that at 9:00 EXACTLY, though
<dumb_n00b> Oh my
<spacedingo> True that
<algonacchick> oy, bad joke, LN
<dumb_n00b> I have a cuckoo clock on my computer
<Elvis> he never said it was a chat room thing
<spacedingo> Yeah, that's my schtick
<algonacchick> no, he never did
<LN3000> I do that a lot
<WellWellWell> i think he did a fine job, in all seriousness
<spacedingo> Well I best be off.  See you around the ol'WOWAY
<dumb_n00b> Seeya
<algonacchick> yes, it was fine
<LN3000> great, now I can throw away this rediculous bowtie!
<algonacchick> bye, Dingo
<Elvis> adios
<dumb_n00b> Adioses
*** spacedingo [[email protected]] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF)]
<Poptronixx> bye!
<WellWellWell> i'll get you next time in the surfing category, Patti!!!! :P
<dumb_n00b> Pretty soon it'll only be Lovers and then it'll get really weird
<Elvis> and transcript will end.... now
<WellWellWell> no wait
<algonacchick> hehe  yeah, sure, Bob
<dumb_n00b> Akrovak was a FINE HOAST
<dumb_n00b> *applause for our HOAST*
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Post by Akrovak »

One final comment ... thanks to Elvis for hosting the Red Carpet Chat, and posting the transcript. :bigups:

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Post by WeirdAbbott »

Well, I just saw that I didn't win for best parodist...and i've come to realize that as long that ThatOneGuy is a member here, he'll win. But hey, maybe next year.

Good Job Matt:Y

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Wow... My entrance really was dead-spot on good timing... :)

I'd throw in a quote from Tony here, but I don't think he wants any part of this topic, since he didn't win anything... :(
Silence will fall.

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