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Post by weird_el »

Sorry, but The Dingo ate my vote.
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Post by WeirdAbbott »

Oh man, I can't wait a week. Plus, I have a BGSU football game i'll be marching in on Saturday so I probably won't find out until Sunday.

Thanks to everyone who voted for me (now that voting is over). And good luck to all the nominees, expecially the ones I was facing in "Best Parody" and "Best Parody Artist". :Y

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Post by Grom »

Just letting you know, I hate everyone who voted for me and I vow to track you all down.
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Post by weirdalfan1000000 »

Voting ended already? I wanted to vote for the pirate hackers for favorite error. Oh well.

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Post by JEDM »

Pirate hackers? :lol:

...and yes, voting ended this morning at midnight. You snooze, you lose. :)

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Post by ludovica64 »

Oh well I know I wont have won anything, as I didnt even vote for myself at all, so I'm pretty sure no-one else would have.. :(
I didnt know you could vote for yourself... that doesn't even seem sporting to me
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Post by JEDM »

There really wasn't anything to stop anyone from voting for themself. I know that's not the fairest thing in the world, but if since some folks nominated themself, I guess there was no reason to not let them vote for themself.

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Thanks, Patti!
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Post by algonacchick »

Louise, I can't imagine that no one voted for you. I'm sure plenty of people did.

I did not try to nominate myself for anything, but I do think I voted for myself at least once. I don't see a reason why one couldn't.
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Post by Eithne »

I voted for you Lou :hug:
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Post by Teh Dingo »

I didn't vote for myself, and I'm pretty sure I've never voted for myself at the WOWAY Awards....I don't know, it's just a moral thing with me. And we all know how I stick to morals....

Oh....the Moral of the Story topic....yeah.....hey look over there!

You have quickly thought up such matchless phrase?

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