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I nominate Grom for Most Insightful International (Non-American) Fan.
And Peggy

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Magic Salad
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I'll second RoseTyler's Stephen/Jim Carrey Avatar
for best avatar
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I second Stephen as most helpful member and censored lyrics as best game
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Post by Jigawatt »

the Dingo @ Sep 8 2008, 01:07 AM wrote: I'll second K-Bo as most sorely missed fan, and nominate Genius in Maine for said award.

I'll also second Stephen as Best WOWAY Error
Genius in Maine = seconded.

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Post by JEDM »

Everything is up-to-date as of 10:54PM central time.

Dingo has been added as a new nomination as "Most Sorely Missed Member", even though it was so sudden and unexpected.

He will not lose his Best Mod nomination since he was nominated before this happened. :stern:

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Off The Deep End
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I nominate this for Forum Error:

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Mashed Potato
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I second that.

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Yesterday's error was certainly the mother of all errors -- consider it thirded.
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The Doctor
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:lol: awesome.
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(...and to think I was going to add "unless something happens with the forum" to the post I made a few days ago. :lol: )

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