2010 WOWAY Awards - The Show!

An annual WOWAY tradition since 1961.

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Re: WOWAY Awards - The Show!

Post by weird_el »

Jon, I didn't vote for you for Member of the Year before this Awards Presentation, but I certainly would now. :clap:

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Thanks, Patti!
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Re: WOWAY Awards - The Show!

Post by algonacchick »

I am very sorry I was not a part of the WOWAY Awards. I'm still recuperating from the seizures I had. I will say thank you for the back seat mod award, even though I don't feel I do that. The awards ceremony was fun to watch. Thanks to TMBJon and everyone else involved.
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So awesome!

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Re: WOWAY Awards - The Show!

Post by Teh Dingo »

As I was disappointed at the lack of this year's Best Dingo award (As introduced by Dave during the very first official awards), I will gladly accept this long awaited by me award in Tomato form.

Screw you, :ph34r: Damn ninja dude beats me every year.......
You have quickly thought up such matchless phrase?

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Re: WOWAY Awards - The Show!

Post by Well, Well, Well »

Holy smurf you guys missed a hell of a football game.
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Re: WOWAY Awards - The Show!

Post by Dr_Dad »

I didn't miss it.

WHO DAT !!!!!!

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Re: WOWAY Awards - The Show!

Post by ludovica64 »

Dr_Dad wrote:I didn't miss it.

WHO DAT !!!!!!
I believe you missed you winning the informal "most Missed" category so thats sort of funny:)
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Re: WOWAY Awards - The Show!

Post by Kristine »

(I was in rehearsal during the posting of this show)
A belated THANK YOU to all of my fellow members who voted for me! I've never actually won anything in these award shows before. Long time nominee, first time winner. Wow, this is pretty darn cool. I think the three of us, Jon, Amerah, and I... the winners of the Al Gal/Man awards... you know, I think we make a pretty good team. This award show was, in my opinion, the BEST I've ever seen out of any forum I've ever been on. Ok, so this is the only forum I've been a part of that does an award show, but still. Jon, you did an amazing job putting this show together! I laughed so hard at your music videos, and of course the Member of the Year award segment with our dear friend Rubén. I appreciate that you traveled so far all the way to his residence to film that... oh, wait, you didn't have to travel very far. It just seems like it's far away because LA traffic SUCKS. But I digress.

Everyone who contributed was great!! Oh, and Mystic Tomato, I wish your segment was longer so I could listen to the Aussie accent more :inlove: . Grom, I don't appreciate you telling the world about our PRIVATE conversations on Facebook. :angry: But I forgive you because you have a sexy Aussie accent. Did I mention I love Australian accents? I'm not sure I got that point across in this paragraph yet.

Congrats to all the winners! This was so much fun. Let the after party begin!!
...Ok, so there's no after party that I know of. My after party will be consisting of studying for my midterm tomorrow afternoon, cleaning my kitchen, and going to bed early because I have to be at the barn early in the morning. Sounds like fun, doesn't it?

Hurray for a successful awards show! :yay:

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Re: WOWAY Awards - The Show!

Post by AL look-AL-ike »

Thanks to TMBJon and the whole crew for a very entertaining award show! It was better than the Golden Globes/Emmys/Grammys/VMA's/CMA's, combined together, and best of all; with way fewer commercials!!

Congrats to the winners and especially to Al Man of the Year TMBJon! Your hard work for the Al Fan community is appreciated. You certainly deserved to win the award and it was an honor for me to be nominated in that category. :D

I hope to see my fellow WOWAYers at the shows in California this year! Take care until then!

Your Al Pal,


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Re: WOWAY Awards - The Show!

Post by like_im_27again »

Congratulations to all the nominees and winners! All the people who presented awards: great job!
Jon, you did a fabulous job with this--wow, what a lot of work! The bit with Ruben is priceless, and your other videos were fun too. I have only one request--please, no more singing. X* I think my ears are bleeding. Maybe some dubbing next time... :P

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Re: WOWAY Awards - The Show!

Post by AlejandraDD »

Mystik Tomato wrote:Most Violent Reaction to Someone Losing the Al-Man of the Year Award: AlejandraDD!
YES!!! IN YOUR FAAAAACEEEEE!!!!!! :onfire:
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