Is this the end after 20 years?

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Re: Is this the end after 20 years?

Post by Teh Dingo »

Thrilled WOWAY will stay around. Not thrilled we've already had several new fake members, two with the exact same spammy email extension. :P
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Re: Is this the end after 20 years?

Post by Mdlang1207 »

Do you have any idea when the dates and locations will be announced for the 2022 tour??
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Re: Is this the end after 20 years?

Post by Grom »

Glad to hear the ol' WOWAY's still gonna stick around for a bit longer. I know I haven't been here in years, but wow, this forum was a great space for me in my teens and into my 20s. I've made some great friends here and had a lot of good times. When Mashed Potato said it was in danger of going away, I was so sad.

Anyway, long live WOWAY, and my infinite thanks to Whizzi for keeping it alive for so long.
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Re: Is this the end after 20 years?

Post by TMBJon »

Thank you WHiZZi for keeping the site going. I miss the daily grind here, but I have great love for all of my friends from this site, so many of which I've had the pleasure of meeting in person and still maintain daily relationships with!
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