A message from Diojad Bank

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A message from Diojad Bank

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William Hatter of Diojad Bank wrote:It has come to our awareness that an employee at our Scottish headquarters in Glasgow, Heds (AKA Mary, she has a longer name but I'd rather not say) is taken part in this "WOWAYA", a strange competition run by the idiotic Donald Trump. We here at the Diojad Bank HQ in London have banned all political business across bank employees a thanks to Mary's part in this competition, and that many people are now supporting Donald Trump. The government has received death threats from our employees over the debated banning of Trump from the UK, thus banning all politics-related projects from our company. The staff who sent those threats are currently spending time in jail.

We have fired Mary due to all this racket. Her part in this competition has been inexcusable and we will not take it. She will be in court soon, and we will be bringing a transcript to this forum soon. You guys need to stay tuned. We will not tell you why she is going to court until the day comes.
Mary's going to jail. I have hacked her account to tell you guys this. Don't tell her I hacked it, she'll be mad. I promise to bring the transcript VERY soon, I promise.
January 27, 2016 - jail or no jail? Wait until that very day to find out.
- William Hatter, Diojad Bank, London, UK (England)


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