Bite Me remastered

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CB Johnny
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Bite Me remastered

Post by CB Johnny »

Years ago some fans uncovered hidden material buried deep within Bite Me's recording. Apparently a snippet of a song from a recording artist completely irrelevant to Al's work was found within the recording. Did that carry over into the digital remaster or no?

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Re: Bite Me remastered

Post by TheLazenby »

I would imagine.... I mean, I can't see any sort of copyright issue arising, since "Tears Of The Earth" is only heard briefly (well, okay, an entire chorus) and you have to massively slow down "Bite Me" to uncover it.

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Re: Bite Me remastered

Post by RunningWithScissors »

I'll never forget... Not knowing that existed... going to sleep to that CD for the first time... Waking up, apparently in the silence portion, being confused because I had put it on repeat all, but just laying there... and then... O_O

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