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Re: Spy Hard

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Interesting thing about Spy Hard, that really confuses me.

The run time of the movie is only 80 minutes, but the credits are rediculiously long, I think the movie itself is only 70-73 mins.


One time, many years ago, ABC played it and.... there were MANY MANY deleted scenes! They really filled in the blanks that made the movie so confusing.

(SPOILERS if you are planning to watch it and haven't yet!)

The main thing that comes to mind is, there was a scene where Mrs. Chevis(sp?) Confronted Dick and the woman (it's been too long since I've watched it, I can't remember her name) dressed as Michael Jackson. She tried to kill them, and said that she was working with General Riker. Where as in the movie as it is, we think she is good, and then all the sudden at the end she was helping Riker, with no explanation.

I know there were other things too, like that professor talking to general Riker on the phone, Riker acting like he was the president.

I really don't understand why they cut those things out, since it wasn't a time issue. I mean, if it was over 90 mins, I can understand them wanting to cut it down to that, but being that short, I think cutting out those extra scenes really hurt the movie's flow, and makes it more confusing.

Still wouldn't have been the best movie ever, but, a little better.

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Re: Spy Hard

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Movies are so useless on TV, just completely useless.
What a racket they're makin', Jack, they keep me up at night playin' their electric guitars!!

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