Least favorite Al song

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Melquizio @ March 21, 2009 05:03 am wrote: My least favorite is either Ebay or I Was Only Kidding.
how on earth can you manage not to like ebay?? :P

anyways, my least favorite is gotta boogie, closely followed by buckingham blues.
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Cohocat @ March 28, 2009 08:47 am wrote: I don't like Whatever You Like
I knew there was a reason I didn't hate you as much as I do most everyone else!
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That's a toughy...Hmmm lemme think. Probably..... Buy Me A Condo

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Re: hey

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WeirdDana27 wrote:
Wed Sep 17, 2003 4:26 am
Least favorite al song? Hmmm...Most of Al's songs are good, but I could certainly live with out:

"Bob"-my dad likes this one, but I'm not really familiar with the whole Bob Dylan thing, so this one didn't really appeal to me.

"Genius In France"-too long and too strange.

"Germs"-I don't see the humour in this song at all.

"Christmas At Ground Zero"-uh, I don't see the humour in this song either.

"Melanie"-I saw it performed live and although I know Al likes to write songs like that, it still is one I could live without.

Dana - I didn’t like “Bob” when I first heard it. Then I realized that the lyrics are all palindromes - and now I think it’s genius. Bob is also a palindrome.

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